Who has the best Onigashima PU?

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fine by me ... cause Luffy STATED ... I will defeat you after Kaido ... so Big Mom Vs Luffy WILL happen ...
my real bet was about Big Mom LOSING to anyone ...

but for
Olin never being a great pirate again and Kata replace him as a Yonko

I'll go for 2 months ... call the mods
Alright, I'll go all in on my side then. K&L hit BM so hard she gets knocked out. (then will wake up as Olin and never be a Yonko again, Katakuri takes over etc.)

@Pantheos if your boy Mid can't nuke Big Meme by the end of the arc you nuke me
- The lower half of Kinemon's body is found running down the stairs that connect the 1st with the 2nd floor.
- It seems that Kaidou cut him in half, but Kinemon is still alive because he thinks that the cut that Law made in Punk Hazard did not stick well.
Wtf is this? If Oda wanted Kin'emon to be alive then he could have done a better job with it, Kin'emon being alive after being cut in half and then using Law's powers as an excuse for him not being killed is so fucking dumb.:rolaugh:
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