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- The lower half of Kinemon's body is found running down the stairs that connect the 1st with the 2nd floor.
- It seems that Kaidou cut him in half, but Kinemon is still alive because he thinks that the cut that Law made in Punk Hazard did not stick well.
Are you kidding me? Who is this trash writer? Is this really oda?

- It seems that Kanjurou creates the fire demon youkai with his last breath.
yeah so now the ability is still present even if the user is no more?

Don't even want to read other spoilers :lusalty:
Earlier it was established that Law's DF is ineffective against BM, however now somehow he hurt her from the inside thanks to his DF, not Haki mind you.
Yeah that's right, Oda is just fucking around at this point, doing whatever he wishes. :pepeke:
Big Mom vs Kidd and Law is going to be shitty as fuck because of Big Mom size and body shape, she can't do shit, can't give a kick, can't punch properly, is slow as fuck. Her homies don't do any consistent damage. How the fuck is she a yonko? just look at Kaido fighting and the damage is doing to his opponents and surroundings, Big Mom is fighting inside and she can't even destroy a floor or a few walls
The fact that Big Mom hasn't gone all out like using her awakening but Kid and Law are already using their awakening as a last resort already, to me is just proof that things with Kid and Law won't look good later on in the battle.
I think after Kidd and Law fuck BM good with their awakenings,The crazy witch will reveal her awakening to kick their asses!Law will be put down and Kidd will unlock advanced COC!
I mean let her first use haki against Kid before the rest, Big Mom hasn't even used haki against him.

People are really calling an ability called 'awakening' an asspull lmao
So just because we knew about DF awakening in advance means that Kid and Law getting them out of nowhere is not an asspull? Dude, you're logic is broken as fuck.
Big Mom is vomiting blood from internal wounds.
If Bog Mom doesn't use haki against Kid and Law even after this, then I don't know what to say at all.
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