Who has the best Onigashima PU?

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I think the BM fight will be in two round (imo last fight to end with Luffy vs Kaido). Mom will be seriously damaged but they end up getting defeated because she uses awakening and they are too exhausted to fight back properly. Then Killer/Jinbe (maybe several characters heck) intervene and try to stale a weakened BM for (I dont believe raid is ending in less than 5 minutes lol) . Then Kid get up and get a PU (be it haki bloom or better mastery of awakening) for a second round. That way Luffy doesn't get outshined and Law contribute heavily to BM fall while Kid gets the main moment later.
Of course it's all headcanon, idk what's actually happening lol
Another issue is how is it now that awakening is affecting people instead of the surroundings. Kata and Doffy should have been able to turn people into moshi or strings if that's the case.
Doffy and kuri awakening were like that because their devil fruits in the first place was the creation of substances
So when they awaken, they turn the environment into the things they create!
bullet and tesoro (non canon) awakening just gave them more range and the ability to affect things without touching them because there was nothing to turn the environment into (tesoro can't create gold he only manipulates it)

So law and kid awakening makes sense and technically, luffy making the environment rubber is also a long stretch following oda's awakening pattern!
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