Who has the best Onigashima PU?

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That’s why majority consensus of fans agree Sanjis character has 180 declined Post Time Skip? That his nosebleed gags were god awful? Kicking his Captain showed how weak and pitiful he is? I could go on, but i won’t
Sanji being a perv was bad, but his stuff in WCI is the most compelling character work we've had for any strawhat post time skip. I'm glad that it actually seems to be followed up on with the germa stuff in Wano, and am interested in its conclusion, and what that will say about Sanji's character.
Even with his awakening I'm still disappointed with Kid, since it seems to just toss more metal towards big mom instead of doinf cooler shit. Law however is cool as always:goyea:
It just seems to be one specific attack instead of being the only thing his awakeninv can do. Maybe he used it because it pairs well with Law's attack (she gets crushed while her insides are destroyed)
lol now you are calling me butthurt .......

yuderon never framed it as the end of act 3
you did
its your opinion; which means you do predict the act end next chap. but when i asked you chose to act like it wasnt your opinion and you were simply iterating what someone else said . lame...
In one of his chapter reviews Yuderon said that 1030 or 1031 might be the end of act three based on the numbers.
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