Who has the best Onigashima PU?

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By rule of hierarchy BM>King. Zoro was unable to turn his blades into black because he never fought a yonko in 1v1 alone. I mean black blade results from long usage of haki and high intensity fights. King by no means a weak opponent hence a good stepping stone for Zoro.
Seeing than BM is surpassing for two awaken (like croc, doffy and kata). I think than BM and king are most near than we thought
I voted Sanji's one in the poll because it's the most justified PU among them all. Oda made an entire saga to arrive here with this Wolverine-like Sanji.
Most powerful one is obs Luffy's one.
Awakenings are dope, while I just don't care much about Zoro and Enma because it's essentially a pretty generic magic sword from an rpg and I preferred Shisui and the legend behind that blade, but it's a good PU as well I guess.
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