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Oda also randomly make DFs not work against people with very strong Haki but right in next moment it just works just because plot I guess.
Honestly, that's because Oda gave Law "free-to-win tickets" in the form of the "personality change" ability and "Shambles".
He had to create some BS excuse in order to justify these 2 things not working.

These abilities should never have existed.
It's a complete nightmare to balance this kind of shit unless you straight up say "this enemy is immune to that".
I've seen and created my fair share of boss encounters in Tabletop RPG's, and let me tell you. When you see the Wizard turning the final villain into a cup of tea with a single spell.....Yikes...:jay-he:
So his opponent act as a magnet? Okay, that's interesting. If Kidd unlocks AdCOC, he could literally repel metal to his opponent to crush them even better due to the COC boost. What do you think?
Yeah at least from the spoiler that's what it indicated.
It will depend if Kidd will be able to coat metals in several locations...which I think will be too OP for Oda to do. I think he will be able to coat only the metals he can touch
But then how would he be a leader of the new gen as prophesized
the thing is.... act 3 heavily set up so that the new gen will rise up, as in not just luffy.
kid as it is is noowhere near luffy in term of influence and power..... not speaking to insult kid's fan.

I reckon immortality surgery could help bridge the gap lol.
Not saying it will happen now but it is definitely going to happen later in their fight, his statement is just a big Chekhov Gun that Oda inserted in the story, it's definitely coming.
Well it might happen to Kid too. They're doing a lot of things in synch as we can see, they might go down one after another. The main reason Oda put this limit on Law is just to prevent him from spamming it, that doesn't mean he'll go down first. He just can use it once this battle.
So just a thought:

It seems like he is able to make Big Mum magnetic, which consumes ALOT of stamina. This could result out of the fact that big mums haki. Which would mean, if he has "lower haki targets", like fodder or even simplier... any kind of material, he could be able to give more than one target a magnetic effect, which would mean he can freely use everything around for everything.
Not even Oda himself is sure of what "Awakening" is.
For Doffy and Katakuri, it was turning the environment into their substance (strings or mochi).
But Crocodile was able to turn shit into sand by sucking them dry way back in Alabasta.
For Zoans it's just a new layer of stats boosts.
For convoluted powers like the Ope Ope no Mi? Anything is game.

To be fair, these awakenings ARE asspulls, but they are not as bad as some others. They are "Ennies Lobby" level of asspull.

Kinemon's reason to survive though......

Can Law cut himself in thousands of little pieces, glue himself back up, but not entirely, like what happened to Kinemon, than be immune to Mihawk and Zoro's slashes and beat them easily?
Who needs "haki", when you got "hacks"?:bamathink:
You probably put more thoughts on this 1 comment than Oda when he creates his power system :crazwhat:
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