Who has the best Onigashima PU?

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Or maybe queen caught up with Sanji and he had no choice but to fight?
Or maybe Queen started attacking people indiscriminate and Sanji again had no choice but to fight?
More than Oda you hate Sanji and your agenda filled brain didn't even think of other possibilities.
nah man.
sanji running was the worst writing decision, because it only served to clear the battlefield for kid and law vs big mom fight.

queen was literally against indiscriminate attacks, even from his allies, but of course you'll create that headcanon, to cover up you lack of reading comprehension.
Idk why you think metal is stronger then a whole ass dino snake with an attack that said to crush the bones of COA masters
A whole metal structure being collapsed on a target that’s attracting the metal via magnetic force. If you believe anyone who doesn’t have a body like Kaido and Big Mom is taking that all head on with their body and surviving that without major injuries to their internal organs or bones, you’re crazy lol.
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