Who has the best Onigashima PU?

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Not even an Admiral fan but after so much evidence against Meme i can't see how this joke of a character can touch Kizaru, her homies are useless and without them she ran from Marco, i can't see her beating any top tier, she's just way to dumb and slow.
why? law did better than kidd
Well kid haven't really done much and when he got his chance he got this hawkins shit so he will get shined soon..
and just know kid have been receaved a lot of damage by now because of that hawkins thing he coudn't fight so with all that damage he will do something finally.. till now he have done nothing much significant... where as Law haven't done something very big either imo
Other than that its just my personal expectations from him cause i just think he is supposed to be more close to luffy
First off killer never use brute attack, he bypass kaido with sound it's not the same, Kidd use slam which hurt kaido seriously that's kinda iffy so is law using rock to drop on kaido which is still iffy but then law bypass with his ability not brute force li

Wait now king isn't a yc1:kaidowhat: so your hyping him up even further because you won hype zoro at yc1+, I'm done bruh
Bro lets be real if King loses to Zoro without Ashura, that only confirms Zoro >>> King
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