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Thanks. At least somebody has to have balls and call out those mfers (Lance, redon) for their bs agenda and not accept every shit they try to present.
are you actually transphobic or something? I just don't know why anyone would care this much
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like why are you such a snowflake that you get triggered by this
Because it created a bad scenario with the provider before.
Whether you agree with the "he/she", if suddenly the provider stops giving us the full summary, it would ruin the fun for a lot of people, based on a single person being butthurt from something so petty as a pronoun.

"but the chapter comes on friday".
If that's the case, why do we spam hundreds of pages every week before the chapter launches? People find it fun. Losing that simply sucks ass.
Ain’t gon lie, that’s some bitch **** shit
Law basically did nothing to Big Mom.
He made her vomit a bit of blood (with an internal attack), not even lose balance, with his (up to today) strongest attack, used from behind when she was focused on another opponent.

For example, Zoro's Tatsumaki slashed Kaido and made him vomit blood (even if it was an external attack!) and Tatsumaki is far, far, far from being Zoro's strongest attack.
To have a comparison, Law's Gamma Knife couldn't even made Kaido vomit blood (and it was an internal attack).

Zoro's Ashura on Kaido really seems on another level.

It seems that Zoro (Ashura) > Law (awakening) = Zoro (Santoryu) > Law (other techniques)

After all, this was Law's reaction when he witnessed Zoro using Ashura against Kaido. And the conversation in this chapter proves that Law already had awakening at that time.
And that's not the reaction you have if you can do the same, let alone better.

I agree.

When you add the fact Zoro was in a weakened state when he performed his Dead Man Game attack makes it even more impressive. His broken bones limited his strength.
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