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I don't think Zoans can just walk away from any amount of damage done to them just because they have awakening. There should a limit to how much it can handle.

Yeah, I think King having awakening makes sense too.
Awakening gives Zoans strength speed durability and fast regen. Of course there is a limit as you said but they can regen while they are unconsciouns and Oda doesnt want this from anyone thats why i think only Kaido is awakened.

Yes King and Marco should have awakening but i dont think they will. I think Oda only gonna give awakening to Kaido.
Well according to vivre cards Zoro doesn't have CoC either. Do you agree with that?
He was confirmed to have it in the canon manga. Ulti wasn't.

The anime never i mean NEVER gives CoC colors to those who doesn't have it or isn't going to have them soon. They do a lot of bs, but this part is never a filler.

The source is One Piece Treasure Cruise game. They're always strict to canon as well. So if you see CoC colors on their art consider it's being confirmed but not by Oda himself yet.
There's nothing such as CoC colours though? The anime switches things up every week since every week it's a different director on the helm. Black lightning was shown all over One Piece. It isn't indicative of CoC. Outside of the canon manga, atleast the SBS or the Vivre Cards gotta confirm it. It is very much possible that Oda is holding back reveals/info in the Vivre Cards until he reveals it in the manga, with Ulti falling down this early, don't think that's happening anymore.
Pathetic? No, what's pathetic is how much you and others have downplayed Zoro's strength while wanking Kid and claiming he's stronger than Zoro. Every single time that claim is proven wrong someone moves the goal post. Its been that way since beginning of the war.

First it was Kid is stronger than Zoro because he's a SN captain.
- then Zoro won't make it to the rooftop and face Kaido
- then Zoro is placed with Killer
- then blocking Hakai isn't very impressive.

Now, Kid fighting Big Mom with Law while Zoro fighting King equals to Kid being stronger than Zoro because 2v1 somehow also equals to 1v1. The reason Kid and Law are working together is because they aren't strong enough to defeat Big Mom in a 1v1. They aren't even strong enough to beat King. That's the reason Zoro is facing him solo.

Zoro and King have greater feats, hype, and portrayal then Kid. I do believe they can beat Big Mom together since they are stronger than Kid and Law. Zoro has attacks that shock and scares Big Mom. Zoro can cut and scare Kaido whose body is hyped up as being stronger than Big Mom. Big Mom and her crew failed to stop King by himself.

Oh yes, the famous match advantage claim. Still want to claim that yet overlook the fact haki counters DF power. Maybe Awakening might push him to rooftop feat Zoro level. We still haven't seen current Zoro true strength.

Preach :steef: let them Kidd fanboys believe in their delusions, it will only be sweeter when it's abundantly obvious Zoro>>Kidd Wouldn't even be a contest if Kidd didn't have a df.
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