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Apoo and Drake alliance will end like it.

Drake will call for Attach and make a photo about him and Apoo standing above Big Mom and Kaidou.

Drake will become an admiral and Apoo a Yonkou for absolutely doing nothing
for what? it would be ashame if a yonko commander tier can beat 'admiral' and 'yonkou' like them
Kidd, Law, Drake, Apoo...
This seems like a really good chapter.

And double Awakening!? Linlin is DONE lmao
Don't jump to conclusions when it comes to Big Mom.

I'm not saying that Kid and Law won't defeat her, but it's a bit strange that those two are already be forced to use their awakening. Meanwhile Big Mom herself has so far been only playing with them and has not gone all out yet, and we also haven't even seen her awakening yet.

Kid and Law using their awakening doesn't mean they are going to suddenly and quickly defeat Big Mom, I think it just means that Big Mom will finally take these two very seriously and then we will have all three of them go all out.
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BM while still playing with the two forced them to really go all out with Awakening

They are not beating her but they will damage her for the very first time and that’s still impressive as hell:endthis:
Nah, Kaido can still fight really fine after receiving superficial damage from zolo and Law's Gamma knife on Doflamingo mattered much more compared to zolo's ashura on Kaido because it negatively affected Doflamingo's well being even though he's been able to stitch his organs

So yeah it's only superficial damage and Kaido didn't even vomit blood unlike Doflamingo post-Gamma knife

So you're saying Luffy's KKG will deal double or more damage if he's actually at 100% when he launch the attack?
Wow. So now you become one of these toxic Fanboys who just want to deny manga facts and post headcannon.

Let me destroy your post again.

This is Kaido receiving attacks from Luffy, Kid, Law, he uses gamma knife, in a row.

He didn't say those attacks were impressed of all. He called them tricks.

The Scabbards attacked Kaido's old scar.

Even though they knocked him down their attack didn't have enough power to open up his old wound or scar him.

Zoro's Dead Man Game

Kaido spits up blood.

He's pissed off and he tells us the attack called significant amount of damage because it scarred him.

As you can see when Kaido receives a significant amount of damage the manga tells us. Scarring Kaido is a way for a swordsman or fighter who use external attacks to cause Kaido a significant amount of damage. You can also see knocking Kaido down doesn't mean anything.

Where did you get this BS that Luffy attack is double at 100%. At 100% his attack is 100%. At 50% power his attack is 50%. When he defeated Doffy he hit him with his strongest attack. Luffy and Doffy were in the weaken state. Remember, just because you can defeat an opponent with you're strongest attack while they are weaken doesn't mean the same thing would happen if they weren't. Luffy defeated Katakuri with a weaker attack than the one he hit Katakuri with earlier during the battle. That worked because of the condition Katakuri was in at the time.


The Rogue Prince
Kaido just assumed and Zoro replied he has no idea what's he talking about. Also Ulti's clash in the manga had sound efferct like fron CoC haki. Both according vivre cards doesn't have CoC, so...? If Ulti doesn't have it so is Zoro. Or they both have it. Pick your side lol.
Zoro has no idea about his CoC exactly like Luffy didn't have any idea about his in Amazon Lily or Marineford lol. Kaido's words have infinitely more weight there since it's coming from an actual top tier, who not only possess CoC himself, but could also recognize other CoC users in Kid, Yamato and Luffy throughout the arc. Zoro's and Ulti's cases are not even remotely similar and it's coming from a huge Ulti fan.

WRONG. I REPEAT WRONG. Go watch all 996 episodes of OP and you won't find them using this RED and BLACK color for a non-coc users. It's special. That's a thing that might be considered as a huge spoiler and they pay extra attention to it even if directors change a lot. But besides that yeah anime has them clashes and auras all in rainbow colors lol.
Breh Kaido and Yamato used a Thunder Baguas with purple lightning lol. Katakuri's CoC had blue aura in WCI when he clashed with Luffy. Big Mom's is coloured Pink.

They explicitly show CoC when it is CoC lol, like they did with Zoro. The animator went out of the way to post on twitter that he did animate Zoro's CoC and was explicitly told to do so.
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