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Based on what we know, abnormally quick recovery is the only benefit Zoans get from awakening—that makes them highly resilient by extension though. Also, zoans don't regenerate. That's a big misconception about the Zoan fruits; they just recover quickly which is infinitely inferior to what regeneration can do. Zoan awakening, or awakening in general, is not half as OP as you think it is. It certainly is not an ability that Oda would reserved only for top-tiers. It makes perfect sense for King, Marco, and even Queen to have awakening.
You may be right about regen i dont remember that one tbh but the others are true it gives you durability and strength.

Yes Awakenings are overrated but still jailers from Impel Down wake up faster than we have ever seen before. You have to beat user so badly that he wont recover.

Well i dont think they have Awakenings but i guess we have to Wait until end of the arc to see if they have it.
It doesn't matter what it did to Doffy because Kaido is not Doffy. Three attacks in a row from the supernova captains amounted to nothing. That shows the difference between their strength.

You continue to claim Zoro attack didn't weaken Kaido that won't change the fact it scarred him and caused him to start breathing heavy. Yes, it wraken him. That was a heavily injured Zoro.
Yes it matters because clearly zolo's ashura only dealt superficial damage and didn't really contribute much on Kaido's upcoming downfall against Luffy

Kaido has taken several large internal destruction barrier haki from Luffy and haven't stated any one of those attacks caused him significant injury.
Blunt and internal damage doesn't inflict scar or superficial damage?:kayneshrug:

It doesn't matter what you or any of the other haters say Zoro rooftop feats aren't going away.

You and others ca try to downplay Zoro all you want because he is fighting King. The fact he through part of King's attack, that was much stronger than the one Kid tanked, without using barrier haki is impressive.
Only applies to zolofanboys like you because you over wanked it and majority of the likes of you even states that zolo tanked the full hakai and Law didn't bailed his ass out Lmao:suresure:
Keep dreaming kid. Some rando with big dream can't conquer the world. Not how it works in real life and Oda is smart enough to know what to include in the story. You need to born with greatness to be able to succeed in real life. Join us fatechads zehahahaha
Said to Mark Zukerberg or Bill Gates lmao

Gol D. Roger

ȶɦɛ քɨʀǟȶɛ ӄɨռɢ
You are thinking wrong, he will be able to once hes at their level.

Zoro is relative to Law so he should be able to do it but since its a shonen he wont.
I don't see how they're so much above Big Mom that they can survive abilities that she can't; BM is actually more durable than Roger and WB. So if Law can magically crush hearts now, then they're not surviving it either.

I don't think Zoro being relative to Law makes him an easier target. If Law abilities actually involve him landing direct hits, I can totally see Zoro being a harder target to hit than Big Mom.
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