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The Soul King
One Piece - Chapter 1030
Title: The impermanence of all things

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Anyway, this chapter shows a few things.

1. That the Supernova are not ready yet to fight a Yonko 1 v 1, or put their own crew against theirs.

2. Oda really doesn't want to kill anyone important allied with Luffy this arc. Shame really

3. Law and Kids awakening ability only really works against powerful opponents if they have back up and if they don't take them out straight away, they are losing that fight. Not very useful ngl.

4. Kid's Assign ability would harm him as well. Talk about double edged sword
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This was a great chapter.

I am glad we get to see some strong numbers, time for Usoop to shine

Really looking forward to how his Apoo and Drake alliance will unfold. Maybe this a ploy to go after the Ponyglyph or Robin.

Law is first the person to injure Big Mom props to him, Kidd with the assist with collapsing the entire floor on her. KInda glad Oda went with the Awakening route instead of spamming advanced Kinga's haki for everyone.

With Yamato going down to the basement we might see her vs nerfed Big Mom while Kidd and Law recover. Or she might just deal with the bomb using her glacial powers.

Wonderful World

Not an awful chapter.

Inbi, Fuga, and Zanki seem to be more intelligent compared to the other numbers we've seen, but this is just speculation.

So, Apoo is the one that suggested the alliance in the first place, but they both recognize that the other person can't be trusted. As for Drake, he'll probably continue to stay on Luffy's side since Koby sold him on Luffy being a miracle worker and will instead pretend to ally with Apoo before likely backstabbing him. However, Apoo is clearly planning something as well.

I'm curious to see what Ussop plans to do; will he finally get his moment to shine? Also, Kin'emon still being alive is not surprising since people don't die too often here, but how Oda implemented this save is ridiculous.

I hope Kanjuro stays down for good this time, but I can also see Kin'emon and him exchanging words here.

Law being the first person we've seen to damage Big Mom is pretty exciting, I'll admit. "Kroom" and "Anesthesia" both look interesting, but we don't know the extent of the damage it's done inside her just yet. Aside from the magnetism that "Assign" seems to give targets, I'll wait for more clarification on its scope because we can't tell how strong it is in terms of damage yet.

I'll wait regarding Big Mom because it seems both Kid and Law will need more to lay her out.

Oda seems to be indicating that Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji's fights are the main attractions of the finale (shocker) and that we'll be following those battles next(?).

I'm excited about what's to come.:catblush:
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Pretty alright chapter all things considered. Oda acknowledging he's a big troll with a title quoting the Tale of Heike on the fleeting nature of life...followed up with a cover of a living skeleton, a chapter where Kin'emon, Kanjuro and Apoo's resilience puts an arc full of Ancient Zoans to shame.

Snitch vs Snitch. The swagger on Apoo to go missing with Drake for ~25 chapters only to be shown scheming and feasting on the sidelines like they're the new CP0. Great designs for Numbers 1, 2 and 3 that match the missing silhouettes, love #1 rocking the 'stache like a stereotypical devil. Amusing that Hawkins ended up the loyal Supernova, Apoo the traitor among traitors and X-Drake is the marine in all of this. There's no chance these two can sit out the war when Onigashima is on fire and about to crash and explode. I feel bad for the Numbers.

Through the power of love and farts. Not too surprising that Kin'emon is effectively immortal as he must reunite with Tsuru. Kin'emon mentions Law, but it's technically the Strawhat botch job that saved him and Kiku. Kin's head took a whacking from Kaido, so it's funny that the top part needs to rest while the legs with talking farts find help for Kiku.

The artist formerly known as Kanjuro. Orochi with the perfect speech riles up Kanjuro to draw upon his last breath and unleash the Kurozomi clan's burning grudge. This manifests as the empty, shapeless, unthinking blob Orochi crafted into Kanjuro — the creature born from Wano's hatred. It's reminiscent of Caesar's Smiley that Kin helped cut down in Punk Hazard. Cutting this blob won't stop the fact that Onigashima is turning into a caged burning hell in the sky with explosives at its lowest level and civilians on the ground below. But it's become clear that Orochi still plans to escape and his demise is due the same chapter or immediately after Fuku goes down.

Fried from the inside, squashed by magnetic force outside...yeah, that's one way to make the fat lady sing. Fantastic to finally see new DF Awakenings. Kid and Law have special emphasis on their DF-based fighting styles — Luffy taking a break to learn haki from no-DF Rayleigh — it's logical progress for them and flips the script so these Yonko fights aren't all about haki. Doffy's rule was that Awakening affects something other than the user's body, sure enough Law opens a Klein Room (small room) centered around his blade while Kid puts a magnetic field around Big Mom. Gamma Knife used radiation to make a fine incision inside the body, here Law just phases the sword through to send a shock wave inside BM. Kid's power could have massive ramifications depending on the duration: if Big Mom is incapacitated by too much metal for even 5 minutes, that's enough time to defeat the homies and toss that katamari ball off the island.

Bad move for the rookies to lay their final cards on the table already. Mama has yet to reveal the Awakening hiding in her hand and it could spell disaster next chapter.:fullmom:
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Sugimoto 14

The rest of the chapter is interesting, but I cannot get over the glaring issue with this chapter. Why the absolute fuck are Kinemon and Kanjuro still alive?

Oda wastes Kinemon's emotional death by keeping him alive for a stupid gag. Kanjuro still being alive is also retarded.

Oda's autistic obsession with fakeouts, fake deaths, and "surprise" revivals is hurting the series severely. It makes this whole war feel extremely cheap, especially if Luffy and gang come out unscathed.
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