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Big Mom will do just fine next chapter. Her endurance is insane and her homies should also be fine.
It appears that Law probably didn't damage her so extensively so she should indeed be rather fine but perhaps she is going down this arc expecially if Law and Kidd will receive support. I can see Luffy v Big Mom occurring due vast portrayal history but he might be too tired.
Kinemon and Kanjuro are alive?
Really Oda? This is a war, there won't be any harm in killing off some characters
It's a war, against Yonkos in new world, you keep hyping it to be dangerous, come on now
Also with this pattern, the fire yokai painting that Kanjuro made is just gonna be freezed by Yamato's power, meh

Marco, Izo, and Jinbe are wasted in this fight, now they're fighting low ranking troops, Oda you could at least brought back either BM childrens for them or revive back the Tobiroppos like how you keep reviving Luffy, they're Zoans, Ancient ones at that known for their durability and ability to recover faster than others
You made this yourself Oda
All we see now is that Paramecia like Luffy, Kid and Apoo are better at recovering themselves compared to Zoans
Apoo, he got his ass kicked like tons of times by literally every top dogs in this war and he still doing fine as hell, he didn't even get knocked out ffs and now is sitting like a boss planning something
Kid, how many times he took Big Mom's massive attacks again, and don't forget Luffy
Paramecias durability is now a gazillion times better than Zoans and Ancient Zoans

Also again, we didn't see Kid displays his CoC, meh, but maybe Oda is saving that for later, maybe for an advanced CoC + Awakening fight with BM
Also, nobody seems to use the black hardening CoA, again, did Oda decides to drop the feature?When was the last time we saw that? Jinbe vs Who's I think, Idk, perhaps he just too lazy or forgot about it

I like how Kid and law have awaken their DF power, although they still unable to properly use it but that's a plus in my book actually, probably the best part of this chapter
Perhaps it was here in Onigashima that Luffy will also manage to awaken his DF as well, who knows, it would be nice if he needs another power boost to defeat Kaido, and maybe we'll see Big Mom's awakening as well, gonna be waiting for that one
Agreed, just kill them. He’s too kind hearted to do it, he wants everyone to be happy in the end sigh
He killed Ace so I doubt that he's doing it because of his kindness. Since Wano arc has no tension Oda is desperately trying to add some tension by fak deaths, which are not working on the western audience at all, but I'm sure the Japanese fans are crying with every fake death.
On a plus side, Law and Kid Awakening at last. (Drains a ton of energy, maybe they'll get better with experience).

Orochi is one pesky cockroach.. (so is kinemon and kanjuro ig)
This chapter was easily one of the worst in wano. We hadnt seen drake and apoo for 20 chapters, only to see them having another meaningless boring conversation. All this absence for nothing. And half body kinemon has returned. Really oda?
We also have to accept that Kanjuro and apoo just cant die. No one is dead, and so many things happen but nothing moves forward. Yamato keeps running, orochi keeps hiding, cpo keep stalking everyone, sanji keeps fighting. This chapter would be like 5 pages shorter, if not for the empty pages. And we barely see any actual awakenings.
This chapters title should be "Nothing". 2/5 at best.
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