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- BM's powerup design is simply amazing. She should be like this most of the time. Not Olin. Not Mama Mode. Not Wedding Cake. Not Oshiruko. Oda, you should be ashamed of yourself for not making this flaming-eye BM as the consistent BM personality. So if you had butchered her before, do try to redeem yourself by giving her a performance worthy of an Emperor, like having a grand visionary mind portrayal or quotes, or oneshotting Inu-Neko or YC-class fighters left and right, etc.

- Sanji strategized and put Denden Mushi in Zoro's pocket, time to powerscale again so Sanji's speed and precision is invisible to Zoro's reaction got it :suresure:

- Sanji refuses his powerup since he doesnt wanna sacrifice his soul my god its soo lit, he actually goes through character development keypoints more than anyone in this manga, from heartbreak and cowardice in WCI to resolve and dignity in Wano, wonder how the readers who ridiculed him by saying daddy power this and that must feel by now :suresure:

- Sanji knows only Zoro is strong enough to beat him, and then hardened enough to kill him. He just knows which one to give the baton of burden, recognizing his nakama. And Zoro shows a solid response as well, " don't you dare die until then." Omigod its a rivalry-bromance scene :steef:

- Sanji's speed doesn't allow Queen to react! From only beating Wadatsumi to throwing away Queen, he came a long way. Now i will wait for Zoro's similar char development or powerup mini-arc possibly after this, vs King The Wild Fire! Actually King is Kuina so they will fuk :neesama::neesama:
did sanji fought with 2 yonko and Took one piece verse strongest attack?

Currently Zoro > Gap > Current Luffy who cant land a single hit on kaido 1v1 > Close gap > Sanji
Lol. Zoro and Killer were out of their league on the roof. They were the only ones panting during the whole damn fight. Get a clue man. Luffy's a lot stronger than Zoro, who he is himself slightly stronger than Sanji (but needs a magic sword to hold his own against YC commanders characters or stronger).
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Wonderful World

Great chapter.

I'm glad Drake is keeping his word to Luffy since nothing good will come from cooperating with that rat, Apoo. I'm curious what bullshit he's going to try to sell to Yamato, though.

Big Mom is terrifying, but will she use Haki now? I'm not really surprised that Kid is hesitant with revealing how his awakening works. His being betrayed in his alliance clearly left a bad taste in his mouth, can't blame him there. I guess it may have been a translation thing before, but it appears she's only using her own strong soul because there isn't any strong fodder around(?). The spoilers made it appear her soul was the only option for her to power up.


So, the masked CP0 agents are in a league of their own, but how strong are they exactly? I do hope we get to see Brook throw down with them, but I don't know if he can handle it unless someone else comes along (Robin is still pretty spent).

So, Sanji says he was lost in his thoughts when he hit that woman, so it does look like he's losing some inhibition there. I enjoyed his interaction with Zoro since it's clear that Zoro is the only Strawhat that would be willing to fulfill his request; even Jinbei being as new as he is, wouldn't be willing to do this.

I think he really turned invisible to attack Queen there, that or he just moved extremely fast. I don't believe Queen would lose him like that if it were speed, though. Guess We'll have to wait and see.

Where the hell is Denjiro and Jinbei? Also, who was the one who helped the scabbards? We still don't know after what, 30 chapters?

Not a bad chapter to head into the break on!:cheers:
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This chapter is so Amazing . Great cover page

Big mom can be so so terrifying at times. Big Mom finally acknowledging Kid and Law .Can't wait to see more of kid awakened powers.

Sanji destroying raid suit is such a great character development. Did Sanji speed blitz Queen or use invisibility without raid suit. Evil Sanji is coming:steef:

Cp-0 trying to capture Robin. Hopefully Brook and Robin can hold long enough until reinforcement come.

I love Zoro and Sanji interactions . Although they sometimes bicker, they have great respect and trust for each other.

What an action packed chapter.10/10
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