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Sanji may have destroyed the suit but Germa probably got copies of it. Or maybe it's something like a curse and the suit will somehow get back to him. Anyway, I dont think he will get rid of "it" so easily, especially since he already wore it. Just my opinion ;)
Big Momuuuuuuu i said this freaking of nature was not using her full power and people on this forum was making fun of me and her.

Law and Kidd are strong, they manage to damaged BM.

That giant guy from CP0 was using Telecinetics abilitys? Run,Brook, They seemed strong and is 2 v 1, run away.

Sanji hit a woman? I don't think so, because this girls is from Black Maria crew, her is faking like when Sanji was trapped by Black Maria.

Sanji and Zoro moment, is so fucking glorious, Sanji is about to Low-Mid diff Queen, Sanji YC1 was true after all.

10/10 Chapter.

Shimotsuki Ghostly

Jinxed Maineframe.
Sanji this chapter:

I have a feeling Oda is baiting us though, I hope so. The only women Sanji should attack are evil/hostile ones like Maria and her cronies, Big Mom, Catarina, Kalifa, Stussy etc. Hell, imagine if he saw what Doublefinger did to Nami too!? Or Big Mom's crew including her female members too ofc?
I just realised this would fit perfectly for Law too lmao:



This is the first Sanji - Zoro interaction in a LOOONG while that isnt forced, annoying or cringe. :sanmoji:
All this Germa stuff lead to something good, Sanjino getting his shit together and understanding the possible consequences.
I liked that their brief conversation wasn't sentimental. Zoro just went like 'sure I'll do it, don't die until then'.
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Arent you back already?
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