What move did Sanji use to beat the prostitute up?

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It’ll be a decent one off but Queen ain’t going down with Hell Memories also it’s not clear that Sanji used the attack or just engulfed himself in flames because the spoiler provider should have drawn that then.

Since Queen ain’t going down with HM Sanji better pull off Something incredible for his lack of Attacking Power with Diable Jambe,I’m guessing it’ll probably be a stronger version of DJ bc Oda just ruined the raid suit the one thing which made Sanji somewhat of a Menace with some legit Haxx abilities.
I have a feeling Sanji needs a new finisher that is more potent than Hell Memories if he wants to put down Queen for enough time to call it defeat or else this fight may still last long but Sanji might need to head elsewhere perhaps to try to rescue Robin. 🤔
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