What move did Sanji use to beat the prostitute up?

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He said no to Judge's tech :sanmoji:

He was feeling weird inside that suit, perhaps he thought it wasn't for him and might have contributed in turning him emotionless in that modified.
Yeah that’s probably it but Oda should revive the raid suit like he did with Kinemon lmao,Raid suits Aesthetics were a sight to behold.Legit so much potential
More seriously, it's true that messi reminds me luffy (genius, gifted) and cr7 = zoro (hardwork, dedication)^^
Sanji is the most gifted, was already strong while training way less than luffy (not even talking about zoro) and Has unlocked his dormant genes, truly born under a miracle star, GO.D was right all along :finally:
There is a significantly bigger gap between Luffy and Zoro than Zoro and Sanji. Luffy>Zoro>=Sanji is much more representative imo.
4000 vs 2200 vs 2180 when Oda first put solid numbers to explaint the gap and now Z/S's enemies are 5% apart in bounty while Kaido is over 3x King's bounty (which is itself, lower than even pre ryuo Luffy's).
Meaningless cope when Zoro already fought against Yonkos and will clap Kaido again leaving you in the mud:king:
It would be funny thst kadio flashback to see kadio just got captured easily without fight like princess peach plot. 18 captures - 7 defeats = 11 captures without mention defeats.

Dont push the hope for kadio flashback, kadio fans, you will be sad.
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