What move did Sanji use to beat the prostitute up?

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You can't win
I want them to win but Luffy said he'll beat every yonko. Doesn't matter just you know would be weird if he didn't
He doesn't need to fight all the Yonkos to prove his worth though. He is already going to beat the strongest current yonko right now and Blackbeard is going to end up being on another lvl to the current yonko especially if he does end up beating Shanks like it's implied
Kidd + Law are each above Zoro by portrayal. They are challenging a Yonko right now who just acknowledged them as strong. The same Yonko who trashed a YC2 like nothing and treated the YC1 that Zoro is fighting like a little kid stealing candy. The same YCs who couldnt take out BM despite being chained by seastone and had to feed her just to make her happy :milaugh:

We know nothing about Ben or Shiryu so not going to bother with speculation

Luffy and Zoro gave it their all so of course theyre going to be surprised by their growth. However Kidd and Law were holding back on rooftop. They're still not winning against BM though imo
Just stop the nonsense.

Law and Kid couldn't do anything significant to until they used their awakening which is currently a limited power. Right now they are fighting together and needed to work together to hurt Big Mom. I give him props for their growth but right now they are on Luffy and Zoro's rooftop level. That's not counting Luffy growth at the end or Zoro's asura mode.

Those YC you put down embarrassed Big Mom alone. One almost killed her when he knocked her in the water. She couldn't stop him with the help of her crew. The other knocked her out and captured her. The third one clashed evenly her and forced her to retreat because she didn't have enough power to waste on him.
Sorry there are too many of you to keep track of.

Law and Kidd are being acknowledged by a Yonko. Yonkos who can legit solo other Yonko crews except for Shanks’. These two are compared to Luffy as captains and contenders to Yonko throne. No YC1 is ever going to come close to that level of portrayal

Queen recovered quickly because hes an ancient Zoan. Doesn’t change the fact that he still got two-shotted and ignored afterwards
Lmfao her fat ass was thrown off the roof before asura and luffys acoc power up
She doesn't know what luffy is now so if she comparing them to luffy it's pre acoc luffy
I want them to win but Luffy said he'll beat every yonko. Doesn't matter just you know would be weird if he didn't
When he said he was going to defeat all the Yonko he was holding 3 fingers up. Here me out. He’s obviously going to take out Kaido and Blackbeard but what if the 3rd Yonko he beats is Kidd after he replaces Big Mom :kayneshrug:
Sanji gonna be the straw hat to die, after losing his emotions he will become a menace who needs to be out down, it'll be marked down as the biggest head-turner moment to ever occur in recent manga history, rest well, cook.
Oda would never do this but it would he good writing. Not because I hate Sanji butitwould give him a meaningful and bittersweet death.
More terrible cringeworthy Wano dialogue from Lolda the dumbass. “Take my throne!” This isn’t the dialogue of an actual living person or an actual character, this is the dialogue of a plot device explicitly written by Oda to be surpassed. But Wano’s dialogue has been extremely piss-poor so far, so I shouldn’t be surprised that the mind who brought us “these brats!” “A punch hurt me, how is this possible?” “I’m starting to have fun, Lin Lin!” Can’t figure out how to write dialogue that doesn’t sound like it belongs in a D-Tier Manhua lol.

Oda may as well just reveal that Big Mom and Kaido are robots at this point created by the WG to perpetuate the balance of power myth. There complete lack of identity and personality would make more sense that way.
This is so true it hurts. Kaido and BM are such badly written characters with no personalities, and BM is still the better one of the two. The One Piece universe was always filled with stereotypical over the top 'types' instead of characters but with Kaido and BM Oda dragged it to a new level of one-dimensionality.
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