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Magic Sword, Magic Swordsman, and Can Cut Anything
Every dinosaur zoan is a "dragon" in One Piece world. It's not something that relate King to Kaido. By this argument I could compare Page 1 to Kaido because they are essentially two dragons in some way :cheers:
Zoro said a dinosaurs are like dragons and king said I'm the strongest
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Interesting, I was under the impression the next step for Zoro was to make Enma a black blade but he hasn't even tamed the sword yet

It seems Zoro must follow the will of the blade for now to unleash the higher level attacks he did on the rooftop, once he tames Enma he should be able to do them against whoever he wants instead of just Kaido and potentially he could learn to apply the same large amount of haki on his other swords at the same time:zorothink:
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