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Kaido through all the attacks received by Zoro

he NEVER blocked anyone
He never even tried using armament haki to block the attack
He never used his Kanabo to block

he was like “I will be in my most defenseless mode, show me how much damage can you put”
Dragons don't hold Kanabos and Asura Zoro stopped him from attacking Luffy thats why he didn't block
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Ps what happened with dragon blaze? Was his defense not up to snuff for that?
Going by the pattern so far, we might get Kaido vs Luffy next chapter!!! I hope the fight becomes more interesting than it is so far. It's very lackluster. I honestly prefer the wings' fight over Luffy's so far. But I'm confident that'll change.
King gave zoro a chance by using a sword and beat zolo at his own style wit no name attack :denzimote: https://flic.kr/p/2mKCqX8 zolo fanboys:kobeha:
ikr, from the start king was shown to used any kind of strategy in fight, kicks and punch he evn knows how to used his DF on the right way, this scene was like equivalent on the kata stabbing himself, King can literally stay up and shoot his beams until zoro gass out. then again he made zoro loose in the game that he only knows . shit was embarassing.
At the end of the war they're gonna be same tier.
Accept the truth, this war is so stupid.
Zoro fans, Zoro is not way stronger than Sanji.
Sanji fans, Zoro is not weaker or equal to Sanji.
The truth, what manga shows Is: Zoro > Sanji but both being same tier of strength.

Nothing more, nothing less.
They've never been same tier in 1030+ chapters, and it won't change now.
Zoro has always and will always be on the tier of Luffy :cheers:
Daily remember that for Zoro both King and Queen are not an easy way to go through.

Daily remember that Marco could make King bleed while Zoro couldn't.

Daily remember that Queen can tank the blows of Marco, who has shown higher AP than Zoro.

This means that Queen can tank Zoro attacks too.

Daily remember that no raid suit no genes Sanji could take on both King and Queen

And this is Sanji right after have fought both King and Queen.

Now Sanji got his power-up, awakened genes and he even thrown away the raid suit which would have made him capable of easily destroy Queen.

And this is what he's currently doing without the raid suit:

While Zoro, he can't right now defeat King and got easily low-diffed.
And King even gave him a chance by giving him a sword fight.

Just accept the truth, The Wings of The Pirate King are and they're gonna be on the same level, even though Zoro still has the edge over Sanji.

This is portray and feats, nothing suggests Zoro way stronger than Sanji.
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