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Zoro swift diffs Lanji, Lanjitards never learn. :milaugh:
Go ask daddy Judge for more handouts, Zoro and king are a million times more powerful than Lanji and Lueen will ever be.:kobeha:
Daily remember that for Zoro both King and Queen are not an easy way to go through.

Daily remember that Marco could make King bleed while Zoro couldn't.

Daily remember that Queen can tank the blows of Marco, who has shown higher AP than Zoro.

This means that Queen can tank Zoro attacks too.

Daily remember that no raid suit no genes Sanji could take on both King and Queen

And this is Sanji right after have fought both King and Queen.

Now Sanji got his power-up, awakened genes and he even thrown away the raid suit which would have made him capable of easily destroy Queen.

And this is what he's currently doing without the raid suit:

While Zoro, he can't right now defeat King and got easily low-diffed.
And King even gave him a chance by giving him a sword fight.

Just accept the truth, The Wings of The Pirate King are and they're gonna be on the same level, even though Zoro still has the edge over Sanji.

This is portray and feats, nothing suggests Zoro way stronger than Sanji.

If sanji and zoro are same level, why didn't we see Sanji in the Rooftop Battle? Why didn't Sanji fight against kaido, with luffy and Zoro? Luffy, Zoro, and Luffy, Zoro and Sanji are each on their own level, they're not on the same level. Luffy>Zoro>Sanji and that will never change.

This is portray and feats, nothing suggests Zoro and Sanji are same level..

Asura still stronger than anything that Luffy can do and Zoro's still hasn't gotten the hang of CoC, it makes sense that Zoro gets to fight a faster, tougher Kaido in King. :bamathink:
I wonder what Izo and Marco are up to ?

So CP0 vs Apoo and X Drake. Apoo and Xdrake are obviously going to win but that would kinda dehype CP0...

Zoro vs King
Damn King looking beastly there. I like the gag with the ancient Zoans having funny special abilitys. Zoro is having a really hard time I wonder what his PU will be to beat King.
At least no Enma Fusion.
Apoo and xdrake just stall the CP0 . It will give no meaning for oda creating new cipher pol agent if they beaten this early. We will see again the CP0 when SH VS Government happen.
The Confusing part is if King is more durable ? King actually blocked Zoro while Kaido never cared to block or evade anything before Luffy got adv Coc. Hence why Big Mom told him that he still likes to play with his food
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