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I think that when king's fire in his back is on, his durability increases or he heals faster. I think there are some panel where the fire is not on I need to find them to see if that can be true :bamathink:
Another great chapter. King pressuring Zoro and giving him a good fight. I'm looking forward to Zoro handling this and finishing off King after figuring out more about King's race.

I'm ok with Drake and Apoo facing CP0. It's a shame Drake hasn't done much so far but now's as good a time as any and just like them, he's a member of a secret organisation. Apoo continues to impress.

Hopefully Hiyori beheads Orochi soon.
Once again great chapter!

Regarding Marco's state, I am not entirely sure who is correct. I am just going to be open minded regarding Marco. It will be interesting to see what he is going to do next.

I think it's likely that Fuga will help Yamato, and I am also interested in seeing if the 3 numbers are the 3 samurai.

I really thought that Robin and Brook would fight CP-0. I wasn't expecting Drake and Apoo to fight them. However, I do think it is possible for the other SHs to join in the battle.

The main highlight was the Zoro vs King match. At first I wanted Oda to develop King more before this fight, but now I like how King is shrouded in mystery. What can be beyond a dragon and a dino? Also Zoro being in the dark about King's race and power makes for an interesting fight. He needs to figure out a way to beat him. I am getting a breath of all things vibe during this fight. It could be possible that Zoro figures out to forge a black blade. I am hoping that King will really torture Zoro. I was told that King was a sadist and I want more torture. After all a near death Zoro is the best Zoro.

I am happy to see Hyori again. I don't know if she will actually kill Orochi or be indirectly involved with his death. Either way I love how it seems like she is laying a trap for Orochi.
Honestly confused by this whole King>Kaido shilling.
What’s there to be confused about? It’s just more fanboy toxicity.
This is like comparing Zoro and Luffy's AP, like Zoro has SWORDS lol, of course he'll always have an advantage there if Luffy doesn't use his AdCoA or AdCoC
That’s not true. Luffy will always have higher attack power, he’s stronger. The type of damage they do is different, so it manifests differently.
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