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I wonder what Izo and Marco are up to ?

So CP0 vs Apoo and X Drake. Apoo and Xdrake are obviously going to win but that would kinda dehype CP0...

Zoro vs King
Damn King looking beastly there. I like the gag with the ancient Zoans having funny special abilitys. Zoro is having a really hard time I wonder what his PU will be to beat King.
At least no Enma Fusion.
I never thought we would get Apoo and X Drake vs two CP0 agents, the fight sounds like it could end up being really good as long as Oda doesn't off screen it.:pepapoo:
I'm like 50/50 on it being an actual fight. On one hand if the win it entirely destroys the hype around CP-0 (unless there are far stronger masked agents). On the other, I don't see them losing, but maybe it gets cut short and it goes back to them fighting? Very weird fight tbh
Becaue i wouldn't put it past Oda to kill someone nobody expects to die
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now he is gonna be a surbodiante to Morgans
Nah they had people expected apoo to die and still do cus he a scum snake coward asshole a waste supernova like Hawkins no ambition and won't play no important role in the story that what they was saying lol
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