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Shocking, I know, but it turns out the random person on the internet had no in fact managed to get a hold of spoilers from weeks in advance- including chapters that I’m relatively sure haven’t been written yet.

Marco on the move, hopefully to do more than perform emergency first aid to people- his powers shouldn’t actually be much good to the truly damaged without a retcon.

More fuel for the three Numbers being the three samurai with Fuga’s fondness for Yamato. I’d be more surprised now if that wasn’t the case. Will Robin and Brook team up with Yamato now? CP0 are separated by the flame wall, yes?

Apoo is going from character I hate to character I love to hate. Which is a good thing. He’s just a hilarious shitbag to nearly everyone he meets, he is a great piratey pirate. CP0 vs the two Worst Gen has potential, it’s characters I haven’t previously cared all that much about but might give them good moments when combined.

Zoro vs King shaping up to be the Mr 1 fight of the post skip now, with Zoro being unable to damage King. Which is a good way to hype King after the rooftop, making King’s toughness “on another level.” Decent choreography so far as well, a lot less static and set-piecey than most of Sanji vs Queen.

King’s characterisation is clunky though. Why does he suddenly want a good fight when previously he’s been this cold-ass, do anything to win type? The dino gag is great though, one of the best parts of Onigashima.

As for what King is and why he’s so tough- a dragon/human? Like a Fishman and a Mink, but for Dragons?
-he’s got extremely tough skin, something dragons are noted for
-he can create fire and fly, with Zoro implying he’s not flying using his wings. Maybe he‘s actually doing what Kaido and Momo do?
-his attacks are all royal themed, and dragon’s usually represent royalty
-would explain the Celestial Dragon’s obsession with them- maybe they killed the Lunarians, stole their land, but took their dragon motif as a way of legitimising them?

Dunno, seems like Oda wants us to be able to guess what the deal is with the info we’ve been given. The dragon idea doesn’t fit with the moon relation though, unless there’s a moon/dragon legend I’ve overlooked.

Anyway, Enma’s downside coming back into play suggests things will keep going badly for Zoro. I hope it’s not the case of Zoro struggling 99% of the fight then working out what King is and one-shotting him.

And Hiyori finally makes her return. Will Oda wrap up all the other dangling plotlines before wrapping up the Queen/King/Big Mom/Kaido fights?
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