Who should Dragoban ban next?

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The better question why zoro need to solve king race mystery ?

Did queen already solve the mystery of king race in chapters ago back ?

It seem zoro didn’t hear from queen answer to the mystery of king race.
I said up there because Zoro needs to solve this mystery. He doesn't just need to know that the King is Lunarian, he has to know what that means, what are the properties of the body, is it harder? More flexible? etc. Thus, he can expose to the sword the intention to cut with these properties, as happened when defeating the Mr 1
Nope, that's not the bet I took part to.
That is a lie thought bro, @Topi Jerami is right here, our whole conservation and the case about the beg and how it began:
If King beats Enma Zoro or dominate badly, I'd have him above Doffy
Then you:
Why would Oda portray Zoro defeated?
Then Me:
To hype King and give Zoro a powerup.
Then You:
Let make a bet, as big King fan I take any bet for my boy,he will get his hype^^
Then You:
Then Me:
Well the loser must wear for 2weeks new ava and each day writing on his profil and a thread choosen by the winner, a special text which the winner can choose? Are we in?

Bet is about if King can dominate and push Zoro to use a new powerup. I say yes you say no.
There was never a argument about a broken sword, it was about King dominating/badly injuries Zoro and push him up to use a powerup, never a single word about his sword getting broken. You even agree on the bet.^^
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Yonko fans : wait for hybrid forums, it will be even more powerful than zoan and base form.

This chapter spoiler: King decide to return to base form instead his hybrid form.

Grizzly bear and ape (Kong theory ) zoan hype :funky: if exist in one piece . It is only that you can have full zoan and fight like human.
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