Who should Dragoban ban next?

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Next chapter.Hiyori kill Orochi.
Then she feels that the enma energy is fading away goes to help zoro. Picks up Enma and uses two sword Oden style and one shot King. On the badass page we can see Oden haki around her. Break next moth.
"Zoro mastered Enma! It didn't mess with him anyone more!"


He truly never did that there. Also why is he struggling to 'one-shot' King? I heard from toxic side it be one move and that it, but apparently King is low-diffing him :denzimote:.

Maybe magic sword (cheat code) can help him since he always need help as Hiyori seems to be helping him in the chapter on Enma maybe :milaugh:.
Wipe the sanji stains from your eyes and look again. How does his arm being shrivelled up help against King?
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