Who should Dragoban ban next?

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Most badass. What kind of badass who so incesure to hide his pelican eel like mouth everyday
Most loyal.. what kind of loyal son that secretly wishes Luffy to beat her mom
Most honorable, more like most idiotic. Headquarter is in shambles and in biggest crisis in Big Mom Pirates' entire career yet the dumbass decided to stab himself because of HoNoRaBle
You really were reading with your feet…yes until his fight with luffy he was loyal to big mom he protected her several time …and yes he wished that luffy will beat her cuz he acknowledged his strength he admitted that someday he will come to defeat big mom in order to become the pirate king like he told him …and honorable too yeees he believes in justice after luffy got stabbed he immediately did the same cuz for him it was like cheating even tho luffy was his enemy he was playing fair since the beginning and that’s how MEN FIGHTS should be…it’s really rare to see a villain like him he has values not like king just following kaido’s orders like a stupid big ass …and yes katakuri is badass too ..his fighting style was admirable he has monstrous strength and had an advanced observation and armament haki that amazed us all in his first apparence….CMON PLEASE YOU KNOW ALL OF THIS don’t you even compare katakuri with a walking dumb like king
I admit that king is really strong but in front of katakuri rayleigh ben bekcman or marco he stand not even the smallest chance that’s why he’s the weakest YC1
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lol its obvious king is gonna loose this match . he's just one of those arc villains , but yall cant deny king is making zoro look like he never had a time skip, this was clear mockery to the fanboys who thought zoro would have a easy time on someone like him.
I never said that Zoro would have an easy time against King but regardless to me they are looking equally well. Zoro might have been knocked around a few times but King is failing to defeat a nerfed Zoro even when using all of his different tricks, powers, and forms.

He tried to beat Zoro by knocking him off the island and failed miserably because Zoro created a technique that allows him to fly through the air.
Holy Shit! King :steef:

That head attack was retarded, but at least it seems powerful :josad:

King no sold a Tatsumaki that is strong enough to cut Kaido's scales :crazwhat:

King loves swords and is using hardening on his sword :jordanmf:

King is special by his own admission :steef:

Love it. Gimme more Oda.

No he did not clown. The tatsumaki against King never had the enma flare ..
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