Who should Dragoban ban next?

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Raid Suit Sanji felt so much Animal King's nameless charge attack that Luffy feared for him. Sanji was pathetically afraid of what was happening, and he was powerless.
He got stomped into the ground and got up only an entire chapter later (many things happened in the meantime). Sanji himself implies that he could barely tank the attack only because of the Raid Suit.
Sanji seems clueless about what happened after that he got hit: so either he was briefly knocked out, or he was hit so hard that he needed time to recover and get up.

The very same attack that stomped Raid Suit Sanji into the ground and needed him an entire chapter to recover and get up... Zoro can block without struggling more than needed. No, not only that, he can block that... while talking at the phone at the same time. Literally.

The gap is huge.
Sanji is a clown to Zoro.
Well just like Queen to King.
But isn’t there a difference between dodging while you are grounded on a surface vs floating in free space??? There’s currently no textual evidence to support that sanji would be able to block king if his feet were planted on the ground or if he could dodge him from the ground. The only instance I can think of is when he briefly 2 v 1d king and queen, but even that was offscreened. Power scaling and agendas aside, I still think it’s an unreasonable comparison to make between these instances between Zoro and sanji when an environmental combat disadvantage determines your mobility once you’ve been dive bomber by a human fighter jet.
LOL wtf is this chapter. King getting trashier and cornier than queen. Face it zoro fans, king is a c-list villain, and zoro is getting trashed right now :doffytroll:. Oda should finish this quickly, so we can go to the better fights.
What's with the level of ficking cope here man 🤣🤣🤣

"King low diffed RS Vinsmoke and can't even take out a broken bone Zoro"

The Nonce fanboys: "No King had 4 lines behind each wing and only 2 behind Zoro, which means that he was struggling more with Sanji 🤓"

Any evidence whatsoever King can hurt a Yonko?? His contemporaries Kata/Marco can’t even hurt the damn admirals. Yet u think it’s realistic to suggest King can cause serious damage to Meme?? Stop being a dumbass for once!! He’s a lowly YC, he not comparable to Law/Kid in any capacity. That’s why there occupy his superior. Now ur counters wat exactly?? More cult bs
Katakuri hurts admirals
If admirals try dodging by morphing their bodies, kata knows where to strike

But anyway, no YC can hurt really hurt Kaido and BM
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