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The Soul King
One Piece - Chapter 1033
Title: Shimotsuki Kozaburo
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Copy paste from the spoiler thread.

A lot to unpack here. Wow.

1) Enma being a nerf. Wow, I was one of the first to call that out, so a big W for me, but also a partial L. I thought after the few days of training before the raid Zoro had it completely under control and was no longer nerfed. Not at all, he just had basic control. This guy went through roof piece while battling Enma, lmao, insane. Don't even let me started on the Oden Haki squad LMAO.

2) King's explosive defense. Great. Another skill in the arsenal of Terminator.

3) The entire QvS stuff. LMAO
- Asura was hidden for 500 chapters, comes back and leaves a scar on Kaido
- HM was hidden for almost 400 chapters, comes back and Queen's answers is to start hyping up King LMAO
- Sanji & Queen are still in the dome, so much for HM pushing them outside like Zoro and Luffy
- Sanji's nonexistent haki. Luffy's got FS despite Sanji being oriented toward CoO, you need to zoom in 40x to see some hardening and there's zero CoC for him yet. Meanwhile Zoro was flowing haki right out of the TS and just got CoC coating LMAO.
- Still, with all this lunarian talk in the QvS fight I guess Sanji having lunarian DNA is back on the table, otherwise this is 100% trolling by Oda lol.
- Also, come on Oda, draw this fight for real, enough with this stupid kick-laser-kick-laser crap.

4) King's defensive hax is still there and can also work in his base form! This confirms that he wasn't using it against Oni Giri and Marco's knee, that's why there was blood there and nothing here with SSS. Plus it seems that King used his fire to cauterize the wound? Zoro seems to have noticed something. But I still don't see how you defeat that. Do you cut the fire on his back? Do you keep attacking hoping for damage accumulation to do the job? We'll see.

5) Zoan king was the missing the flame for the first time when he transformed after SSS. Art mistake or a hint of King's power?

6) King's using DJ. More Sanji trolling from Oda lol.

7) Yikes. So that is truly his hybrid form, I guess it is confirmed now. I don't like it, I think Oda dropped the ball here. I still hope he can maybe change through awakening... On the other hand though, once again his flame is missing in hybrid. At this point I think this confirms that he doesn't have it in hybrid, and it is not an art mistake. Probably connected with how his lunarian powers work.

8) More King - Rodan links with that hybrid shockwave attack. I'll just link to my previous post on the matter ---> here.

9) The Zoro flashback. Really great stuff. Nice to see Kuina, and btw, I don't care what lance says, in my opinion the friend at the end is clearly Kuina since Zoro promised he'd be WSS to both of them. He promised it to Luffy as a subordinate (captain) and to Kuina as a friend (friend) as far as that panel is concerned imho.

10) The sword lore from Kozaburo. GOAT stuff, lmao what a chad. Cursed sword are basically a fake news invented by snowflakes who couldn't handle strong willed swords. I like it.

11) The entire talk about sword being created to kill, and Enma being his best creation... Oh boy. You must be a QAnon dude at this point to deny that ZKK is fully on the table and option number 1 at this point... Nothing is guaranteed of course, but the clowns considering ZKK something completely made up are mentally challenged. It really depends if Oda has the balls to pull the trigger at the end, but it is really written all over this arc.

12) Zoro's advanced CoC is GOAT stuff, but Oda should've handled that panel better in terms of art. Though we're gonna see more of it, so it is ok.

13) King's being completely unfazed by Zoro's CoC like it is just another day at the office for him and simply asking if he wants to be a "king"... Like, how can Oda not give him advanced CoC as well after this? Come on.

14) Where do we go from here. Well, I don't care about the 15 minutes thing, but I hope we can get two more chapters of this. Zoro is probably gonna catch King off guard with his next attack and destroy King's mask. That will trigger the lunarian info dump and piss off King that will go all out (with adv. CoC as well) and keep the edge in the fight. And then one more chapter where Zoro starts pulling out higher end moves before the victory at the end. Obviously I'd do much more but it's not up to me. Anything less though is gonna be underwhelming, do not drop the ball now Oda.

15) CoC being used to tame cursed swords --> Undeniable CoC proof for WSS Posthawk (again, obvioust to everyone except the QAnon gang). If it also comes out that CoC is connected to forging a black blade... Well, Posthawk's stock would go to the moon.

16) Overall this is the best chapter since roof piece, the best one of the year and one of the best ever. Oda just went full Zorotard and deciced to add some Sanji trolling as well as icing on the cake. GOAT.

17) 5thcuck from reddit and all the other "Sandai is gonna get broken" guys go eat shit LMAO.

I hope I haven't forgotten anything.
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damn that ctrl c + ctrl v
second, i guess.

It was a very nice chapter. Feels kinda nice seeing Zoro remembering when he got his swords, showing affection towards them...if only we had Shuusui over here instead of that "MY BEST SWORD EVAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH" from Old Wado-Sama. Meh. Not everything can be perfect, I guess. :suresure:

Anyway. Was nice enjoying a good flow of cool chapters. Now it's probably back to the filler stuff before we reach the climax of these final fights.
Can't wait to see Orochi's face next week.
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Advance CoC Now, then it's a Blackened Blade and then he killing Kaido :steef:

Few things this chapter confirms....

  • Zoro is amongst the top tier fighters of One Piece
  • He is 98% going to blacken his sword in Wano
  • Enma was always a nerf and Roofpiece Zoro was the MVP. Imagine fighting your sword and 2 Yonko at the same time...only Zoro can do that
  • ZKK is on it's way
  • And finally I personally believe that in order to get stronger, Kuina might have picked up a "cursed sword" because according to her women are weak and that is what inevitably killed her, not the falling down from the stairs. It makes sense according to what Enma does and what Shimotsuki Kozaburo said about the swords

Zoro Piece is the best bits about One Piece FYI
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This was an absolute banger of a chapter it's right up there with ch 1010

Kings is so far the strongest YC1 in my opinion , this is the most Zoro has been pushed post time skip for sure.

First it's Who's Who and now it's Queen who is dropping lore bombs when no one asked lmao.

I love the flashback we got, Old man Kouzakorou was a GOAT. The lore in this chapter just bat shit insane and we get some info on Zoro's backstory too.

Zoro w/Adv Kings haki coated holy shit, Zoro fans were feasting in this chapter.
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