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Amazing and a very extraordinary chapter. 10/10 for sure and probably a Top 5 Onigashima chapter, or Wano in general. Can't wait for the next one.

1) Enma being a nerf. Wow, I was one of the first to call that out, so a big W for me, but also a partial L. I thought after the few days of training before the raid Zoro had it completely under control and was no longer nerfed. Not at all, he just had basic control. This guy went through roof piece while battling Enma, lmao, insane. Don't even let me started on the Oden Haki squad LMAO.
Agree with almost all your points except this one. Enma wasn't a nerf on the rooftop. It's only a nerf when it's sucking your haki out like it was doing this chapter and when Zoro used it for the first time. Zoro never said it was holding him back on the rooftop, at least iirc.
I know the true power of the mammoths... Just wait until my thread tomorrow!

I can't read it. Anything on Jack's potential hurts my soul...
I truly wanted to see him shotting huge destructive water shots with his trunk...
I was laughed at for suggesting that back in WCI.. I really wanted to see Jack hydro pumping people to death..
As a Sanji fan I have to say this was a good chapter for Zoro.
I really liked how he got his power-up thanks to a flashback and thanks to him understanding things, there was a possible scenario where Enma could have gave him a power-up for the music and that would have been so humiliating for Zoro, glad It didn't happen.
The flashback itself kinda cute, at least It gives something more for Zoro's character, which was flat for all the post time-skip.
Lion Song confirmed as one of his strongest moves, interesting how King didn't get single scratch.
Zoro's CoC haki design looks cool.
Overall good chapter, but of course Zorotars have to say bullshit like "Luffy Is Zoro's best friend" when It was clear he was refering to Kuina and "Queen said King is invincible" when he was talking about his race being capable of surviving every environmental, King isn't the strongest of his race, nothing suggests It and don't make assumptions, also the fact that Queen talks this much about lunarians probably means Sanji has that race genes, I mean King did a diable jambe this chapter.
So when Sanji will unlock King abilities do not say stuff like "Sanji Is the weak version of King" bullshit, since the Cook Is also human and also has other abilities and Zeff fighting style, if Sanji has his genes It would actually been that he will most likely be stronger than King by the end of the arc.
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