Zoro vs King CoC Clash?!

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1034- Sanji vs Queen full chap , Sanji wins
1035,36 - Kid and Law vs Big mom , Big mom wins but is quite damaged
1037- Zoro vs King , Zoro wins
1038- Luffy vs Kaido , Luffy looses again
1039 - Zoro + Luffy vs Kaido , Kaido on his last leg
1040,44 - Kaido flashback
1045,46,47 - Full Zoro + Luffy vs Awakened Kaido and also the other stuff mixed in
1048 - Luffy G5
1049 - ZKK
This can't be a coincidence right?

two main Zoro opponent in Onigashima are connected with this world: exterminate.

Why did they exterminate them? Lunari race.

VC card state that Zoro is aiming to onigashima as the Oni exterminator. Kaido is an Oni which aim for the supremacy of his race.

Zoro role is to exterminate the last lunarian and the last Oni :steef::kata:
"King wiping out the Lunarian tribe himself" wow this prediction is so good if if becomes true @Patryipe @Sentinel @Tyki_Mikk @TheAncientCenturion

I meant so far, apart from fighting Zoro, he doesn't seem so "crazy". Strong only but no crazy.
Zou Jack sounds crazier than him, invading minks and battled 1 island 5 days non stop, yoloing Fuji/Sengoku/Tsuru, yoloing Zunisha.
Even Queen seems to be a crazy scientiest with his dangerous experiments.

While King so far, only seems strong but not really crazy.
If he actually wiped his own race, a race called as Gods, then damn he is crazy...

When Sanji asks "then why did lunarians are wiped", Queen replied "Go ask him".
When you look at it different way, it is as if Queen is telling it is King's fault.
Wait a second.

King --> Fucking strong. Loves torture.

Maybe he tortured other Lunarians. They got pissed off and started to get afraid of him and decided to stop him. And King wiped them all out.



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If you need a gimmick to be strong you're not insurmountable. And lets not kid ourselves. The more information we get, the more its clear that Zoro without Enma is barely even YC3 if not below. The Zoro that is being trashed by King right now is clearly weaker than the Luffy that fought Katakuri even before FS. That Luffy actually has victories against commander level opponents.

And before "Muh Scar" He couldn't do it without Enma and even then, damaging Kaido is wholly binary. It's either you can or you can't based on having Ryou. G4 is still superior to anything Zoro and or King has show cased thus far.

Katakuri will remain the standard for YC1. He was Luffy's opponent and Luffy's standards and opponents will always be superior to that of Zoro and Sanji's.
Queen just tanking Awakened Sanji's HM is insane.

FI Sanji's HM already did more to Wadatsumi than Jimbe's strongest Fishman Karate technique.

Post Awakening Sanji >>> FI Sanji, and Queen ate up a HM from this Sanji.

Queen is on another level, he can legit brush off anything Jimbe level characters could throw at him and no diff them :crazwhat:
Sanji>Jinbei is common sense only dumbass people taught otherwise. Yes Queen above 1 billion bounty he not going down to just that. Zoro>King>>Sanji>Queen
Woah woah ..........never said it wasn’t implying To King what the fuck are you even reading because that definitely isn’t it.
Gene Modification from what where and how ? Obviously the links that time perfectly aligned any signs of dis. You need to re-read.
I need to reread, yet you’re asking where Sanji’s genes were modified?
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