Zoro vs King CoC Clash?!

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You're clearly playing biased beyond shit if you think this King is weaker than pre-FS Luffy. The same Luffy who was trash to Katakuri. The mere fact that you have the audacity to insult others and call them mentality challenged.

It has nothing to do with being fans of this or that, in all honesty, there's a reason why 80% of Zoro fanbase shitters tend to also think King (even before this chapter) shits on WCI Luffy. Just shows your mentality that you're downplaying Zoro and King even more than most notorious Zoro haters on this forum lmfao.

But in all honesty, that's okay. What makes it pathetic because you try to hide under the facade "Woo, I'm just a big Zoro fan. You all suck Zorotards. I make fair decisions by shitting on Zoro and his opponents all while discarding every feat and portrayal they have." Flat out trolls like Big D Kaios are better because at least they're open over it.
Lol. When did I say that King is below pre FS Luffy? Don't take me out of context. Whatever order someone puts Marco,Kata and King is not really a big deal as long as they make it clear that these characters are highly relative to each other with not much if nothing separating them.

Theres nothing to downplay. I don't care what your definition of a Zoro fan is. Cult behavior is utterly brain dead and many Z boys here exhibit such. You can like a character and not act unreasonable.
Smoothie can turn into a giant like Big Mom that can easily sink ships. Quote the rest of it, and stop being a weasel.

Zoro doesn't have anywhere near that level of physical strength. Maybe his lethality/slicing ability, but not his physical strength.
That was all you posted, the rest of your post was just pictures.

The fact that you are trying to give more hype to Smoothie in order to downplay both King and Queen just really goes to show you how desperate you are.
Her having significantly superior combat feats, has nothing to hate. It’s call proper scaling....

Shank/mihawk not really worth talking about. Mihawk fans are delusional. Basically hyping themselves based off shanks portrayal/feats it’s embarrassing to say the least.
She has no superior combat feat, Zoro scar Kaido with 30 broken bones blitzing his ass.

What feats Shanks has. Shanks hasn't beaten anybody in the whole story.
Finally zoro unlocking CoC:doffycry:...
And all the haters can finally stop the bs..
King is undoubtedly a monster even Queen hype's him up.
Zoro will be like: You want my power enma?
Take it take it all...(a reference from an old movie)
And then the black blade enma will be completed..
The only thing that i don't understand is how a black blade will increase Zoro's stats minus the ap of course.
Zoro is truly going to slay a god in this arc..
Oda thanks for everything man..
when you say unlocking coc are you talking about coating coc or normal coc?
Because to me Zoro is coating coc into Enma so that Enma stops draining Zoro ryuo.
Chapter panel will help in seeing that.
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