Zoro vs King CoC Clash?!

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And you spew verbal diarrhea. Address the points.
thats would require a few abilities.
1. being able to read
2. to comprehend what has been read
3 . Analyze it and come up with logical argument

you are asking to much of them.
As far as I’m concerned kata and king are on the same level. Kata has CoC and has clearly proven himself in speed, strength, haki and devil fruit power. King is from a powerful race and has shown strength and durability only surpassed by a few characters. 1 vs 1 I don’t actually know who to put above. If kata can damage him I believe he takes it home. But also there is no proof that king can counter Kata‘s future sight and put any scratch on him. So I don’t actually really know who to put above who. But post WCI Luffy is definitely above both and there is no comparison after post udon Luffy.
Luffy will high diff, King. I can't see Luffy defeating King without struggling as Zoro did. This is a fact.
In fact, if King fights Kaido, it would be a tough fight for Kaido and he will not beat King easily. The fight might last a day and Kaido will be seriously injured.

OP fans have wrongly understood power scaling in OP. They think a Yonko can one-shot a commander, low diff or mid diff LOOL
Do you think if Luffy fights Zoro or Roger fights Rayleigh they will mid diff them? A big LOL to that logic.

Luffy vs Zoro, Rayleigh vs Roger, or King vs Kaido will end up in high diff.


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Lmfao can’t say I disagree
But you’re taking it way too seriously
It’s all memes and jokes at the end of the day

I have a hard time to believe anyone except for @nik87 @Aknolagon @ShishioIsBack believe what they really say
Im not taking anything too seriously to be honest. I asserted that people are being prisoners of the moment which is normal. Then I get quoted by every Z boy in the thread with some throwing insults which is fine because I don't respect their intelligence to get hung up on that and I see them say way worse. I usually just scroll past Wank posts because they hold nothing of value.
Full translation of the brife summary. Thanks to Redon:
- Zoro: "What I lack is strength !!
Is it possible that Oden was able to use you easily even when you absorbed so much Haki? Huh, Enma? "
- The Beast Pirates try to attack Zoro.
- Zoro: "What should I do? Should I regulate my Haki? No ... I'll give you what you want !!"
- The Beast Pirates that were going towards Zoro fall unconscious.
- King: "Are you really going to try to become a 'king'?
- Zoro: "Of course ... I have a debt to honor to my captain and my best friend !!!"

-No break next week.
WORO BLACK BLADE + COC :nicagesmile::crazwhat::jay-he:
So Zoro is gonna win by letting Enma suck out as much haki as it wants? :saden:
Wouldn't expect anything less from a Sanji fan. Can't read for noting The Key to mastering Enma is giving Enma what it wants and not being scared of it. Just like in lougue town Zoro wasn't scared of the curse sword and immediately test his luck against it. Which is why it says you need to be a strong Swordsman to even wield them and only get called curse because they body weak Swordsman with weak Will.
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