Zoro vs King CoC Clash?!

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Lol. When did I say that King is below pre FS Luffy? Don't take me out of context. Whatever order someone puts Marco,Kata and King is not really a big deal as long as they make it clear that these characters are highly relative to each other with not much if nothing separating them.

Theres nothing to downplay. I don't care what your definition of a Zoro fan is. Cult behavior is utterly brain dead and many Z boys here exhibit such. You can like a character and not act unreasonable.
Oh right, you said Current Zoro is weaker than pre-FS Luffy.

Less dumb, but dumb nonetheless. The guy who blocked the strongest attack in series' history momentarily, managed to tear apart Kaido's scale all while overpowering his attack with a mid-tier attack of his own (which Kuri Luffy can't even scratch, btw, and no, scabbards can't either. Only Sulong Neko/Inu did anything to those scales). The guy who, with 30+ bones broken, overwhelmed Hybrid Kaido in CQC before scarring him for life.

That guy is weaker than the dude who was trash to Katakuri and couldn't even beat Cracker 1v1, and failed to put down half dead, heavily injured Doflamingo even after an entire round of Boundman.

If you're discarding hype, feats and everything in-between to ride the train "Hur, MC prior to 343249932432 power-ups ago shits on current Zoro despite latter having much better showings in, well, almost everything", then that's about as bland and funny of a behavior as any of these "cultists"
Theres nothing to downplay. I don't care what your definition of a Zoro fan is. Cult behavior is utterly brain dead and many Z boys here exhibit such. You can like a character and not act unreasonable.
Cult behavior is what you are doing right now, stubborn in your beliefs are far cry from facts as they are. Refusing to evolve your opinion despite an overwhelming amount of contrary opinions provided.

And beyond being a cultist, you are a depressed social justice warrior, an archetype of internet virgin who literally is showing mental weakness. Like you are so obsessed with Zoro a cartoon character, that people praising him in a chapter dedicated to him triggers a genuine reaction out of you.

And on top of being that you are morally corrupt and disingenuous, to bring your point across you are willing to blatantly lie and call yourself a Zoro fan despite you showing up to a thread and your only input to the Zoro chapter thread being bitching about "Evil Cultist Zoro fan boys"

Have a spine dude, behave like a normal human being, I know you are better than this.
He wiped his own race :finally:

When King hyped as undefeated by someone who shittalks him in the front like Queen.

While Kuri hyped as undefeated by blind fangirls saying their wishes.
The literal term "fallen angel" appears neither in the Bible nor in other Abrahamic scriptures, but is used to describe angels cast out of heaven or angels who sinned. Such angels often tempt humans to sin.

Cast out of heaven = The Red Line
Sinned = Wiping out his own race

Lunarians were the true angels of One Piece world (Gods) not the Skypieans. King sinned against his own race and his wings turned black like the ones of a Fallen Angel (Demon)
- Is it possible that Oden was able to use you easily even when you absorbed so much Haki? Huh, Enma? "
- Zoro: "What should I do? Should I regulate my Haki? No ... I'll give you what you want !!"
- Kozaburo said that each sword has its own personality.
- Weak swordsmen who are not able to control swords are afraid of them and that is why they say they are cursed.




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Just a question.
Why are people surprised about Queen hyping King? Queen and King bicker with each other, but Queen never treated King as some "fodder".
In fact, on the Live Floor, Queen stood up alongside King and hyped both as the Calamities that protect Kaido. Even Jack, that got hyped by Kaido himself.
Actually funny people making a big deal out of this just now.

I'm happy King and Queen are getting some nice attention now, because FOR FUCK'S SAKE DID ODA TAKE HIS SWEET TIME TO MAKE IT HAPPEN. Never forget "King, the Background".:tchpepe:

Still makes me pissed AF that we had to endure a LOT or garbage during this raid when we could have gotten these stuff much sooner.
Thinking that we are gonna diverge from these fights to deal with some Hyori+Orochi plot at some point still....:pepehands:
That was all you posted, the rest of your post was just pictures.

The fact that you are trying to give more hype to Smoothie in order to downplay both King and Queen just really goes to show you how desperate you are.
There is nothing for me to hype. That quote was meant for Conquistador who said Smoothie was "useless".

Smoothie is a YC2. Queen is a YC2. King is a YC1. That's it. No more no less.

It's some of you that are trying to change that narrative for your own wank.
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