Zoro vs King CoC Clash?!

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I'd want to say "no" to that, but Kaido's ACoC attacks haven't been greatest stuff so far.

-Law no sold it. Took very little damage from a CoC coated TB from Hybrid Kaido. Fell for a bit before going to fight BM all dandy.
-Base Luffy matches some swings
-Yamato matched some swings
-Even already half dead Kinemon managed to take one directly to the head and still not only be conscious enough, but also moving

Kaido's general swings aren't really that grand. I don't find it hard to believe Zoro will be able to block quite a few, and retaliate somewhat similar to Yamato. Ofc, he will be send flying if Kaido uses one of his stronger attacks.

Also, scarring aspect DID leave Kaido jaded, visibly shaken and huffing on top of coughing blood during that scene. Ofc it didn't leave him crumpled, but so far it has done more visible damage than anything else done to Kaido, which is saying a lot, as Kaido has tanked a lot of hits. Luffy will eventually deal more damage, but scarring someone permanently for life is great AP feat.
It was more than a bit before law went and fight BM when you look at the time line .
Also i think you need to reread the fight base luffy never match some swings he took one get hit away and then get KO for a short while.
The same for Yamo when she match swings it was using ACoC and sometimes her Df power and still get hit away .
Also kin took one to head but block it using his swords which also broke and we not talking name attack just normal ones .
If you talking about Kaido coughing blood it was the same vs luffy and Yamo attacks of course they not scar him but they are using blunt objects .
Like i would never say what Zoro did was not impressive but the aspect that he did it without know is what would hold him back pre king fight.
She has no superior combat feat, Zoro scar Kaido with 30 broken bones blitzing his ass.
That’s an AP feat... Not overall combat ability, Ztards can’t tell the difference for some reason.

Asura competed with Kaido non serious for 30 secs. An cause moderate damage. In base he can barely hold his own vs the likes of King!!!

Yamato can compete with serious Kaido using ACoC & named attacks. Isnt defeated, an matches Kaido physical power/speed even overwhelming him in certain instances. All that For virtually 10x as long as Zoro clash.

She’s noticeable superior it’s not even close. Zoro just has better AP. Learn the difference

What feats Shanks has. Shanks hasn't beaten anybody in the whole story.
Stopping Kaido, an the war of the best...

Mihawk hasn’t beat anybody, or gotten portrayal remotely close to the shit I just mentioned. Hell the fact Oda has shanks clashing with WB to test each other, while Mihawk test is interrupted by a Y2C. Already all u need to know about how the author view both.
Doffy is below YC3 after all
Doflamingo has CoC and Awakening, two abilities hyped to the fucking moon in this arc alone. Kid and Law awakened their fruits and it's their last resort and CoC is wanked in this chapter.

Jack and Queen remain below Doffy until they can show something that puts them close. For now, Doffy is more comparable too YC1 than any commander below that.
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