Zoro vs King CoC Clash?!

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I don't get it. Do the spoilers state Zoro will use CoC coating? It just seems like "unlocking" CoC will be to control Enma. As in only the will of a CoC user can control it.

"Weak swordsmen who are not able to control swords are afraid of them and that is why they say they are cursed."

"Zoro: "What I lack is strength !!
Is it possible that Oden was able to use you easily even when you absorbed so much Haki? Huh, Enma? "

I don't know where Oda is going with this. We'll see. But this might not be a carbon copy of the Luffy scenario, but more of a "Zoro can use CoC" now thing.


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Okay let me give you the logic behind this and try to keep your mind open and read a multiple times if the logic is too advanced for you.

Kaido is hyped as the most durable character in the world.
Kaido no sells barrage of G4 hits
He takes nearly zero damage from Gamma knife.

One Tatsumaki from Zoro gives Kaido
-Big cut on his body
-Killer says he cut through his scales
-Kaido says that hurts
-Big Mom says that boy really just cut Kaido
-Kaido coughs up internal blood

That was the most damage Kaido has taken in the entire arc so far with exception of Zoro's Ashura, Oden's Togen Totsuka and Luffy's CoC attacks.

Yet same attack that damaged the most durable character in the series failed to do any damage to King at all. So Zoro's Attack power that is battle tested against the most durable (or second most durable after king) man in the world is tanked by King.

Sanji's Attack Power hasn't failed for the first time
-Doffy took his diable jambe attacks and laughed at them
-Exhausted Luffy took those attacks
-Sanji's hells memories is only tested against the fodder fish.

Katakuri failed to K.O the man who was K.Oed by Kaido's non Advanced CoC thunder Bagua and that was no PIS or Gag scene.
Zoro on the other hand took Hakai head on, yes all of Hakai as told to us by Law.
Then he no sold, literally no sold an advanced CoC thunder bagua to the face, after tanking Hakai.

Yet King is damaging that Zoro and getting an upper hand.

But you know all that, I know you did but you are morally corrupt and disingenuous and decided to lie once again to bring your point across.

Another long paragraph consisting of mostly wank and circular logic. I didn't read any of it but still im impressed by your persistence.
Zoro will surpass Oden in this arc which was hype none other than Kaido (adcoc pirate equal to the strongest). Keep coping because like hitetus said Oden wasnt able to achieve the black blade (so call infusion with the blade). Zoro will get that at the end of this arc.
Yea no doubt i see him equally or even stronger than oden. Only fitting since his captain is skyrocketing up the ranks too. Eow zoro=oden
Eow luffy=shanks
> Katakuri hyped as unbeatable in his family
> King hyped as unbeatable by Queen
> Both having coc and an hax that make them either hard to hit or hard to damage
> And then we have the cover from Oda showing all the right hands

Guess it's Oda's way to seperate the right hands from the rest :pepecafe:
Maybe im missing some info but where queen said king is unbeatable and where king said to have COC ?
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