Zoro vs King CoC Clash?!

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People tried to do the same for BM. Tried to explain her hardness as Haki. I don't think it's that.
It's not that king can't have special body.

He can but what I am saying is he can still have specialization in CoA to take that innate body advantage to next level.

This is also important because zoro doesn't have any answer to King's strength. Only way he can overcome him is through haki. We exactly got this - CoC release from Zoro


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Lore dump? Check
Zoro growing both in strength and character? Check
More Zoro backstory? Check
Swords have a will of their own? Check
Zoro showing more of his heart? Check

And there's more details?

I don't think I'm ready.
One day:

Zoro engages with Tashigi :crazwhat:

That's where we will have to wear special gadgets to make sure we don't die.
Not open for further replies.