Zoro vs King CoC Clash?!

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Unlike King, Katakuri has no answer for attacks like Kokujo Ou Tatsumaki. Not will he be able to shrug off attacks like Shi Shishi Sonson.

There simply is no YC 1 level. It was headcanon, and at this point, it's debunked headcanon.
As I said several times before. Katakuri can foresee Zoro performing Tatsumaki several seconds before it actually happens. He can easily distance himself.

Shishi Sonson is far too easy too dodge.

YC1 is for sure a thing, it got never debunked.

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I mean that Zoro shows heavy signs off fatigue after approximately a couple minutes of fighting with King. Why is the level required to fight King higher than too fight Katakuri?

Katakuri attacks at a much higher frequency, from every possible angle while King sits in the sky a lot giving Zoro time to breath.

Zoro is not slow but Katakuri is faster than both Marco and King. He danced around Snakeman while being severely injured, that feat can't be denied.

I'm not saying Zoro is getting stomped. Someone like Katakuri that specializes in dogding and counter fighting is more difficult of a fight for Zoro because his brute strength and lethality has a much higher chance going to waste when it doesn't connect.
Zoro's injuries are healed but he's still exhausted from his previous battles. Plus, Zoro's been eating attacks that can overpower his own attacks—his own attacks have a higher AP than post Udon Luffy, who hits much harder than WCI Luffy, who in turn hits way harder than Katakuri. He's eating attacks that are several levels above anything Kuri could dish out bar his most powerful move. So of course he'd look like he's losing breath.

I'd say multiple attacks at once won't be an issue for Zoro but back to back attacks are going to be a problem. Katakuri is not faster than Marco or King. I don't think fighting Snakeman is a better speed feat than keeping up with Kizaru. Marco's physically faster than Katakuri and Luffy and the same applies to King by extention—as he was keeping up with Marco in base. I would agree FS+his speed might give him a slight edge over them. Kuri's definitely giving Zoro a hard time; but Zoro's more of an endurance monster than Luffy and can fight, on average, at a much higher level than WCI Luffy. So he can fight Katakuri for much longer while not receiving anywhere near as much damage as WCI Luffy. Once Katakuri's FS shows any signs of wearing down; he's getting two or three shotted. It's not easy but Zoro's fully equipped to put down Kuri.


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what does that have to do with what in syaing..

where has this conversation gone just coz you didn't know what hide is..
Your argument was shockwave attacks are better than everything and you were basically wanking Phoenix Brand to indirectly wank Queen and put down King for the knee attack even though it was after Blue Bird.
With the King hype, how does Queen compare to Smoothie exactly ? Is he closer to Smoothie or Katakuri ? :quest:
They’re relative overall but we’ve never seen a YC2 in action so no one knows how to properly scale them :sanmoji:

YC2 are probably smack in the middle between YC1 and YC3 but I think Queens case may be different. Since his threat level is almost as high as King he’s probably closer to King and Katakuri than Jack
And let's get one thing straight. Zoro is fighting with 1 arm behind his back right now.

Imagine the damage Shusui would have done. This was the national treasure of Wano, and a dragon slayer sword.

Going to Enma is just Oda wanting Zoro to transition from CoA -> CoC.


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People bitch about the Tobi Roppo being delusional when P1/Ulti were taken down by stronger attacks than the ones King will eat.
Who's Who has superior portrayal to P1/Ulti, yet he was taking out by an attack from Jinbei that is inferior to his ultimate attack that received comparable if not lower portrayal than Sanji's HM in FI. That same Sanji got much stronger in Wano especially with the exoskeleton boost, yet Queen tanked a much stronger HM for breakfast, and King is portrayed on another level to Queen in terms of durability/defense.
Looks like Enma can only be satisifed if fed up with CoC and it's the shit is sucked out of Zoro and Oden.
Explains why guys without CoC a) cannot control it, cause no supreme willpower and b) why they are sucked dry after one go, cause they lack the CoC haki tank.

It's most likely Zoro's pass to full CoC coating, judt like I assumed.
That Enma cloud looks exactky like the smoke around BM's hand right after her smacking the hell outta P1, so it prolly was a less concentrated form of it... Either way that fight will be one of the greatest in the history of OP that's for sure.
Very nice development from my man
Ling was too strong nah, he's probably Katakuri level, maybe weaker, Zoro was just that weak that some fanboys thought King was insanely strong. :suresure:
King/Katakuri level isn’t a bad thing. YC1 are extremely strong and underrated. People just want King to be on another level compared to Kat so they can claim Zoro is equal to Luffy. Which he isn’t and hasn’t been since, like chapter 30?
I never said that Katakuri is above anyone and everyone. I myself am a Marco fanboy, but people on here have no real reasons too slander Katakuri as much as they're doing now.

The objective is just too slander Luffy, it's a Zoro vs Luffy issue in disguise. Neither Marco or King have been out-working Katakuri in feats.
Feats unfortunately have already put Katakuri behind King, Marco and Zoro, and in this fanbase once you are surpassed you become a none factor

Nope, this to majority of us is just another way to downplay Zoro and King, I mean at one point someone here said none of the opponents Zoro fights will ever be stronger than Luffy's past fights, just as another way to place Katakuri higher than King so that once Zoro wins then it would still be impossible for Zoro to have defeated an opponent stronger than the opponent Luffy couldnt.

Marco was able to hold off King and Queen without taking any damage, King was able to defeat Marco and is now dominating Zoro, a Zoro who has better feats that act1 Luffy.

So yes Marco, King and Zoro have better feats than Katakuri, but the 4 of them are still of a similar level since Katakuri has some feats that are above the 3.
denjiro seems to have done something even more impressive casually without getting bigger
does he crush king and queen? .......

size of those ships compared to sunny
what an odd way to powerscale.
Denjiro is clearly King/Queen level. I don't know what crack you're smoking.

He's clearly a way better swordsman than King, and maybe even the strongest Scabbard.

And realize Smoothie could get MUCH bigger. She just couldn't because it would sink the ship.
Okay so let me be real with you
Drop the feelings and start looking at things objectively

Roof Top Zoro >> Chapter 1000 Luffy = Dressrosa Zoro > WCI Luffy > Dressrosa Luffy

Luffy was weaker than Zoro majority of One Piece
:suresure: your head cannon has no limit zoro show nothing that put him next to bound man just be glad he got enma & got to that level bruh :josad:
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