Zoro vs King CoC Clash?!

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It's baseless that, this guy, who is >= Yonko level has top subordinates on that level?

That's LITERALLY the definition of "YC1 level".
No because when Denjiro was Odens "top subordinate" he was 17 year old boy and you know all scabbards were wiped out by casual Calamities.

And know crack head YC1 means first commander of a yonko. If Mihawk were to form a crew his strongest bubbon won't be Rayleigh level just because Mihawk is Pirate King level
your actual comment was Smoothie's AP can crush both King and Queen using that panel as evidence
since denjiro's in that panel was greater
it should crush them too right ??
thats my question
am not asking if he is on king or queens level and he most certainly is not .

king looks stronger than the guy (zoro) who looked a lot stronger than denjiro ever did on the roof.
its ok to change your opinion when new info is revealed.
First of all, I don't care who you "think" looks stronger. You thought Oden was YC1 level. Your thoughts are garbage. I operate on facts.

Secondly, that slash is not the peak of Smoothie's power. I showed that Smoothie can get MUCH bigger and stronger than even that.


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Nah, Marco lacks the raw offensive power of King.

King is the only character to bully a healthy Zoro so mercilessly in a 1 vs 1. Straight up overpowering his strongest attacks head on and all but ragdolling him.
Marco can be pretty strong himself - he still is a Mythical Zoan with enough strength to choke King and Queen at the same time. He was kicking around Admirals in Marineford.

But yeah, King is better and more complete when it comes to offense - he has really powerful attacks ranged attacks, is overwhelming in CQC and extremely lethal. The best part is he's gonna show even more great stuff lol.
I don't know about KKG, it is at least 10x as strong as a KG. But it's definitely stronger than Bound Man's other attacks. Zoro is a physical monster yet he was overpowered and sent flying a few kilometers despite prior clashing against King with Ultra Tiger Hunt.
Bro if Zoro can halt Hakai for even two seconds, he literally negs Dressrosa KKG, it doesn't even make him flinch.

For King to send that Zoro flying his power far surpasses KKG
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Anyways you didn't answer my Doffy + Dressrosa Luffy + Dressrosa Law vs King? @Sentinel
It hasn’t been fully confirmed but it’s going around that when Queen talks about how King is undefeatable he mentions that even Kaido would have trouble keeping him down.
Nah bro it this is true this is mad hype for King

That sets King LEAGUES ABOVE Queen

And people over on twitter were mad AF saying that we shouldn't compare king to kaido, that the two of them don't belong in the same sentence, just for Oda to say something like this a week later LMAOOO

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This is purely speculative. On panel, Marco was getting the better of him in a 1 vs 2. Whatever happened off-panel is unclear.

- We don't know if King was in base, zoan or hybrid because it was off-paneled and as we saw in the Zoro fight, he likes to switch forms
- With the recent developments around King's defense, he may have ended up outlasting Marco even if he wasn't capable to keep up considering that even if Marco was outspeeding him, his defense could have made him difficult to damage and you seemingly needs knowledge to bypass King's defense, which Marco may not have gotten enough time to figure out with a good part of his stamina was already away from taking on both King and Queen and wasting his stamina for the samurais on the live floor

So i don't think that comparison really works in comparing it to Katakuri in terms of speed
When Marco got better of him. It wasn't due to his speed. Also, it's not a productive idea to use base when he can't keep up with him, is it? His base is the least durable form of him and if he's too slow to keep up with Marco, then he would send him flying around with kicks and such but that never happened. I agree that he probably switched b/w Zoan and base but I don't think he used Hybrid as he only used it on Zoro when he's pissed.

The one-on-one lasted at least 30 mins with King being the victor and Marco injured. King can't hurt Marco if he can't keep up with him.
Nah, Marco lacks the raw offensive power of King.

King is the only character to bully a healthy Zoro so mercilessly in a 1 vs 1. Straight up overpowering his strongest attacks head on and all but ragdolling him.

Two top tiers (Issho and Kaido) have failed to do this.

That raw offensive might is what sets King apart from "Marco without a time limit".

@ConquistadoR, @MarineHQ62, @Sentinel, @Shanal.
Zoro did not even hold any of Kaido strong physicals attacks unless you think that dragon fodder form mean something lol.
Who's Who has superior portrayal to P1/Ulti, yet he was taking out by an attack from Jinbei that is inferior to his ultimate attack that received comparable if not lower portrayal than Sanji's HM in FI. That same Sanji got much stronger in Wano especially with the exoskeleton boost, yet Queen tanked a much stronger HM for breakfast, and King is portrayed on another level to Queen in terms of durability/defense.
Reading this now, and thinking about those that were trying to put jinbei in monster trio :queenhear:
In fishmen island sanji's HM was already stronger than jinbei's Ougi vagabond drill... Imagine wano sanji....
All the scabbards combined performed worse against base Kaido than a bones broken Zoro did against Hybrid Kaido lmao, same Zoro who's getting pushed hard by King. Anybody saying King needs more than low diff to 1 vs 1 the strongest scabbards is mentally impaired.
Zoro used Ashura against Kaido (with CoC behind it). Please show us the panel where he used it on King?

Zoro used a stronger move on Pica than he's used on King so far.
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