Zoro vs King CoC Clash?!

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My theory states that King can only adapt as long as his flames are alight. This likely means Zoro is the only one in the alliance who can put him down since he can perform Homurasaki and has what it takes to keep up with King. The other fire-cutting technique user, Kin, obviously is way weaker than King, and anybody else in the alliance trying to throw hands with King is gonna get the Marco and Cook treatment. :cheers:

This is why I said Mini-Doomsday, because if he can adapt literally like Doomsday, King is easily Top 1 in the verse. And if he can adapt like The Fury, King will solo HST, lmao. :myman:
Damn..... I truly like this theory
- Zoro denies causing the earthquake, not using CoC.
- Brook has seen Luffy use CoC before. He wouldn't randomnly call something else as CoC since he knows how that pressure feels.
- Those lines are different, look at the similarities between the Luffy scene in Marineford and Zoro's scene here - two young supernovas using their CoC to shout out their objective in the two wars of the series.
Zoro was denying Brook's claim altogether. He even sighs while doing it because he knows Brook is overexaggerating. This shouldnt be that hard to understand

Luffy knocked out fodders with actual CoC. Zoro didnt and there were many surrounding him.

Nobody else, not Queen not Robin not even fodder, commented on CoC being emitted by Zoro. And we know Oda's favorite narrative tool is the peanut gallery fodder for exposition

That scene was foreshadowing, not actual usage. I know youre better than this


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The Tatsumaki against King looked small af tbh
That's probably because of King's size. King is pretty huge tbf, he might very well be comparable to the size of the Sunny in his Zoan form.

Just compare how small Sunny looked against the Queen Mama Chanter and how King clashed against it. Also look at how King's beak dwarfed Sanji when he dive bombed him.
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