Zoro vs King CoC Clash?!

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Zoro was denying Brook's claim altogether. He even sighs while doing it because he knows Brook is overexaggerating. This shouldnt be that hard to understand

Luffy knocked out fodders with actual CoC. Zoro didnt and there were many surrounding him.
About the earthquake? Yes. We also see fodder cry about not being able to stand on their feat "due to this man's wrath".

Nobody else, not Queen not Robin not even fodder, commented on CoC being emitted by Zoro. And we know Oda's favorite narrative tool is the peanut gallery fodder for exposition

That scene was foreshadowing, not actual usage. I know youre better than this
My argument is that Oda teased it there for the eventual confirmation in Chapter 1010. When I made the post, I argued that the anime would add some extra sauce to the scene, but they already showed him k/o-ing fodders.
I've been saying for literally months (years?) that the top tier/YC gap had been overstated by the plot for hype and progression purposes. Glad to see most people are finally realizing this.

Once Zoro fights an admiral I'll have a new army of admiral wankers on my team.


You can't win
Well, It was a two on one but he wasn't fighting them at the same time. He's clearly taking turns, which is due to his ability to keep going after getting hit and not due to speed. Marco did not send Queen flying before King did he? King sliced off his wing as soon as he dodged Queen's laser and then he landed on a tower and used blue bird before King can get a second hit which speaks for his reaction and not his speed.
In the instance King took the opportunity of Marco being distracted by Queen, Marco directly retributed by sending him flying with a named attack that hit both Queen and him at the same time, with King again unable to react to the following attack, and Marco having enough time to come back to a Queen who was just coming out of rubble to send him flying again. You can't manage this if you don't have higher level of speed, especially in a 1 vs 2

- A 1 vs 2 means focusing on 2 opponents at the same time
- A 1 vs 2 means dodging an opponent while paying attention on the other at the same time
- A 1 vs 2 means attacking an opponent while paying attention not to be hit by the other at the same time
- A 1 vs 2 means being at risk of being damaged by another opponent when you focus on one

The time it takes you to focus on one opponent, the other can already be on your back. In order to avoid this, you must be fast enough to kick one before the other jumps on you, being fast enough to kick the other after having kicked another before the second one manages to track, counter or hit you

This is a 1 vs 2. If the team of 2 is getting overwhelmed even in this circumstance, it means there is a clear gap in speed.

Not as baseless as saying King used hybrid and Zoan forms off-panel when he clearly saw him fighting in base.
I said nothing about this. I said it's inconclusive because we don't know what happened off-panel. We never saw him in base considering it was off-panel, but you baselessly concluded he was in base during the off-panel moment when nothing was shown with nothing to prove this. It's like saying King never used hybrid against Zoro by basing the first and current battle chapters to prove something.

There is a reason why Oda off-paneled that, which could be because he didn't want to spoil his hybrid form in the battle against Zoro

He's injured, which is why Queen assumed he's dead. You don't die from just exhaution. Also, the Izo part was a mistralation. The other official versions besides the English one also translated it as Marco complaining about his injuries. Marco complaining about carrying an injured friend doesn't make any sense.
I'm not saying he wasn't injured. I'm saying he wasn't critically injured, which is proven by the panels i've shown, the first one talking about his stamina, and the second one showing him in phoenix form, flying without any issue. We know that Izo is injured since the battle with Kaido, to the point he was temporarily knocked out before someone(Hiyori) came to tend to their injuries.

On the other hand, Marco is seen in phoenix form(a form allowing him to regenerate), so actually it makes more sense he was referring to Izo, and not himself. Queen's statement doesn't prove much considering Marco is a phoenix who can regenerate as long as he has the stamina. He may have simply thought he was done for due to thinking he didn't have enough stamina to regenerate again, not that he was critically injured.

Not sure which other translation you're referring to, but the viz is translated by Stephen' whose translations have always been credited over the others on the web. Furthermore @PuckTheGreat translated it the same and he saw the raw: https://worstgen.alwaysdata.net/for...hapter-1032-odens-beloved-sword.19197/page-41
My theory states that King can only adapt as long as his flames are alight. This likely means Zoro is the only one in the alliance who can put him down since he can perform Homurasaki and has what it takes to keep up with King. The other fire-cutting technique user, Kin, obviously is way weaker than King, and anybody else in the alliance trying to throw hands with King is gonna get the Marco and Cook treatment. :cheers:

This is why I said Mini-Doomsday, because if he can adapt literally like Doomsday, King is easily Top 1 in the verse. And if he can adapt like The Fury, King will solo HST, lmao. :myman:
It might be too overpowered

I think he can copy and absorb the elements around him to adapt

If he's thrown in a volcano he's gonna be able to control lava

If he's thrown in a cold ocean he's gonna be able to control ice etc....

What many haters failed to understand is Zoro is canonically the only character in the series who needed to be (nearly) taken out by the strongest combination attack of top tiers and still didn't go down without giving one of them a parting gift. :cheers:

His boss and his cheerleader never did anything even remotely close. :myman:
Leaving a scar is awesome but not like it will matter Luffy will beat Kaido and who ever else in the series and will never see them get scars marks or what ever else them .
It just don't happen with blunts attack in this series , hell it don't even happen with bullets lol.
The fact that zoro literally states that he was regulating his haki (not using all of it) when using enma and is now deciding to use all of it (while using enma) proves the point.
regulating his haki so it doesn't use up too much on one attack doesnt mean its a nerf .
enma is a pu because it is teaching/forcing zoro to do something the other swords didnt .

1.he never had to focus this much on how much haki he put in the swords on every attack.
2. depending on the explanation we get this chap, it might be the reason zoro chooses to coat his blades with coc instead.

its not a nerf
he doesnt use all of his haki on his other swords either. he would be drained if he did.
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