Zoro vs King CoC Clash?!

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I truly don't understand where that came up from. I've seen users repeat it like yourself. You guys make up fake shit and repeat it amongst yourselves.

If you don't have quotes, please stfu. It's pathetic trying to slander random people in a forum.
You and flower were defending that Ichiji and Reiju would take on Katakuri and Smoothie.
You might have forget but we don’t :kayneshrug:


𝐀𝐬𝐩𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐌𝐚𝐬𝐜𝐡𝐞𝐧𝐧𝐲 𝐏𝐞𝐭
The Tatsumaki against King looked small af tbh. If Katakuri is a long distance away he can use his flowing Mochi to distance himself asap, if he's close he can simply interrupt Zoro while he's performing the attack.
1. King is really massive in Zoan form.

2. Zoro may be able to control the size. The Tatsumaki he used against King caught him, so it's not any sort of anti feat. If Katakuri necessitates a massive Tatsumaki, then Zoro would use one.

I think Kat dodges TB without being tagged at all tbh.
Well, I'm not going to argue Shishi Sonson if you believe it.

It really doesn't. Luffy's performance always heavily depends on the match-up disadvantage he's faces with. Kaido is a terrible match-up just like how I think Katakuri
Current Luffy is way stronger than he was when he defeated Katakuri.

And he'll be even stronger when Zoro faces his next "YC 1" opponent (Beckman or Shiryu).

The story wouldn't permit the right hand men to belong to the same class.
My theory depends on King being able to adapt to virtually anything as long as his flames burn. If Garp can't cut fire, then he's just gonna waste his energy fighting King.

King's hax can make him win regardless of power level because he can always resort to attrition, provided his flames are alight of course.
All Garp has to do is take him out before he adapt .
I guess time will tell but i expect we going sees some crazy shit with luffy and kaido fight when it comes to haki .
Even more than what we going to see here to give us a idea how certain things can be .

What many haters failed to understand is Zoro is canonically the only character in the series who needed to be (nearly) taken out by the strongest combination attack of top tiers and still didn't go down without giving one of them a parting gift. :cheers:

His boss and his cheerleader never did anything even remotely close. :myman:
Splitting heavens with the world’s strongest creature >>>>> Anything ZoLo did.
Getting his ass destroyed by hakai and giving a scar with his most powerful attack which even Yamato failed to notice during her 1 on 1 with Kaido is not a notable feat.
My top tier character durability ranking top tier

1. Akainu as Death - strongest man on feats alone, can can vista and Marco easily. Tank yonko commander level like nothing even Marco and vista sneak attack can’t hurt me. Only sneak atrack whitebeard damage him.

2. Kizaru - tank Marco atrack like nothing. Old silver Rayleigh can cut his cheek beside kizaru want to go causal mode. Best coO of all admirals and can even dodge sneak attack from whitebeard.

3. Kuzan - take jonz sneak attack and got bloody lips. Only damage we see from him. Tanked Marco sneak attack while Kuzan is trying to kill luffy.

4. King- tank zoro attack like nothing. Took Damage from zoro onigirl (sneak attack) and Marco knee attack. Both attack made him bleed. But king is more tank, more fierce enemy to zoro than kadio.

5. Kadio- should be high than big mom but feats sucks. Minimum to cut kadio is sword with haki on it with vertan fighters like kinemon. Kinemon cut kadio twice.

6. Big mom - although she not seen take more hits compare to top tiers like stay safe. Her hormies count as big mom help. she scream at law counter shock damage which vergo don’t scream in pain.
Since big mom vs Marco is offscreen most of time and big mom respect Marco more than his son KatakurI. Big mom postpone the fight or run away from Marco. She believe Marco can kill her but she supposed need right soul for Marco thing:phoenixmarco:.

My top tier character coO ranking:

1. Mihawk: literally perfect of dodge attack without getting damage. Sneak attack is impossible to hurt milhaw. Have no bleed or scar damage on manga panel. Perfect coO guy.

2. Kizaru- can dodge whitebeard sneak attack, but got by cuted silver Rayleigh even he is focus in fight but to be fair, kizaru is in casual mode.

3. Kuzan - can dodge whitebeard attack in straight fight. But got sneak attack by jonz even through he did notice something coming to him but it is too late.

4. Shank: Should be 1 or 2 in my ranking but due lord of coasts and bandits guy make him look bad. Also remain unscratched after fight king and kadio.

4. Katakuri- the future sight guy. But can’t respond on Vinsmoke Ichiji sneak attack him while Katakuri is focus on caser clown. But he is better than his mom when come to coO.

5. Fujitora- would move to 4 but we don’t see his future sight just good coO. We don’t see his all out battle full power.

6. Whitebeard- good coO guy should be top 1 to 3 but we see old whitebeard than prime years. Whitebeard can dodge ace sneak attacks unlike Akainu can’t dodge crocodile sneak attack him.

7. Akainu - literally can not dodge or see the any sneak attack from whitebeard even he got the warning, vista and Marco sneak attack, crocodile sneak attack him. Akainu is angry guy which he get bad coO when compare to admirals peers

Notice: enel would be 2 due his coO but he is pretimeskip villain and not top tier guy.

What you think about my list ranking ?
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All Garp has to do is take him out before he adapt .
This is a good way to beat King, provided Garp kills him immediately with that one punch.

If King is somehow alive and adapts, it's bad news for Garp.
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Splitting heavens with the world’s strongest creature >>>>> Anything ZoLo did.
Getting his ass destroyed by hakai and giving a scar with his most powerful attack which even Yamato failed to notice during her 1 on 1 with Kaido is not a notable feat.
Cope. :akasalt:
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