Zoro vs King CoC Clash?!

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He was pretty much coasting through Marineford and wasn't serious in the slightest.

But when faced against a Swordsman, he pulled out a named Sword [which is named after one of the 3 treasures of Japanese myth] and used it to fight Rayleigh.

I'm not saying he's a swordsman like Zoro but he can handle one pretty well.
I mean the man was even beaming WB and i sure he was serious to a certain degree then.
I think all the admirals have certain level sword skill maybe but fighting wise they most likely like how king is .
Would be using a lot of different attack in there serious fights .
Zoro: "What should I do? Should I regulate my Haki? No ... I'll give you what you want !!"
- The Beast Pirates that were going towards Zoro fall unconscious.
We don't have much to go by but this implies that the haki that Zoro is feeding Enma is CoC, there's no mention of Zoro doing a CoC blast directed at the Beast Pirates.
If we don't get to see Enma in the last panel then the next time we see it...
Y'all ever stop and think about just how insane even Fujitora's baseline abilities are?

Like with gravity blade, whatever way he swings his sword is the way that gravity goes.

That's nuts.
That image makes me salty if we don't get to see Zoro vs King wrecking the capital, Zoro vs Fujitora wrecking an island (or Marineford), and Zoro vs Mihawk wrecking the Red Line (my own fanfiction for their place of duel). :suresure:

Gol D. Roger

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In the instance King took the opportunity of Marco being distracted by Queen, Marco directly retributed by sending him flying with a named attack that hit both Queen and him at the same time, with King again unable to react to the following attack, and Marco having enough time to come back to a Queen who was just coming out of rubble to send him flying again. You can't manage this if you don't have higher level of speed, especially in a 1 vs 2

- A 1 vs 2 means focusing on 2 opponents at the same time
- A 1 vs 2 means dodging an opponent while paying attention on the other at the same time
- A 1 vs 2 means attacking an opponent while paying attention not to be hit by the other at the same time
- A 1 vs 2 means being at risk of being damaged by another opponent when you focus on one

The time it takes you to focus on one opponent, the other can already be on your back. In order to avoid this, you must be fast enough to kick one before the other jumps on you, being fast enough to kick the other after having kicked another before the second one manages to track, counter or hit you

This is a 1 vs 2. If the team of 2 is getting overwhelmed even in this circumstance, it means there is a clear gap in speed.
That would be the case for normal people but not Marco. He doesn't need to look out for incoming attacks as much as others. In fact, we saw him getting his wing sliced off as soon as he's faced with two of em and the only reason why he was able to do the following attacks was his quick recovery. Speed did not play as big a role in this as you're making it out to be. Also, there was no time difference b/w Blue Bird and the knee drop so I don't think it counts as him outclassing King in speed. What I can agree with is that it speaks a lot about Marco's reactions.

I said nothing about this. I said it's inconclusive because we don't know what happened off-panel. We never saw him in base considering it was off-panel. We only saw sequences of him either in base, but you concluded he was in base during the off-panel moment when nothing really proves this. It's actually entirely possible that Oda may have off-paneled this in order not to spoil his hybrid form in the battle against Zoro
Yes, but we did saw him fight Marco in base, which is why I said assuming he fought in base is less baseless than assuming he used Hybrid. Well, everything you say is possible but I took the less baseless stance.

I'm not saying he wasn't injured. I'm saying he wasn't critically injured, which is proven by the panels i've shown, the first one talking about his stamina, and the second one showing him in phoenix form, flying without any issue. We know that Izo is injured since the battle with Kaido, to the point he was temporarily knocked out before someone(Hiyori) came to tend to their injuries.

On the other hand, Marco is seen in phoenix form(a form allowing him to regenerate), so actually it makes more sense he was referring to Izo, and not himself. Queen's statement doesn't prove much considering Marco is a phoenix who can regenerate as long as he has the stamina. He may have simply thought he was done for due to thinking he didn't have enough stamina to regenerate again, not that he was critically injured.

Not sure which other translation you're referring to, but the viz is translated by Stephen' whose translations have always been credited over the others on the web. Furthermore @PuckTheGreat translated it the same and he saw the raw: https://worstgen.alwaysdata.net/for...hapter-1032-odens-beloved-sword.19197/page-41
Well, you wouldn't die just from exhaustion without at least semi-serious injuries. Marco shouldn't be able to use Blue Flames if he's out of stamina right? Still he could use em to save Zoro and to carry Izo around which probably means his injuries also played a major role in his defeat.

I know Izo is injured too but why would Marco complain about carrying an injured Izo? Isn't that something that Marco's supposed to do voluntarily with his friend is injured? That's why I am saying Marco talking about Izo doesn't make sense. The official French version says Marco's the one injured. It's fine if you don't wanna go with it.
It's insane and that's why haki exists, he would still get beaten.

You have BB a mini blackhole he would get beaten too.
Blackbeard can only create attractive gravitational forces.

Fujitora can make gravity attract, repel, go up, go down, go sideways, etc.

Blackbeard can also nullify devil fruits, but in terms of just gravity manipulation, Fujitora's fruit is WAY stronger.
cmon bro, even fuckin Chinjao has CoC, there's no way Oda won't give it to Mihawk
Would have preferred a different approach for Mihawk, have him be purely the father of CoA focusing all his mastery on that haki and turning his blade black, so we would have CoA Mihawk vs CoC Shanks in the past.

But with this chapter unlikely, if CoC plays a role in black blades which looks like it will do so
That's probably because of King's size. King is pretty huge tbf, he might very well be comparable to the size of the Sunny in his Zoan form.

Just compare how small Sunny looked against the Queen Mama Chanter and how King clashed against it. Also look at how King's beak dwarfed Sanji when he dive bombed him.
True but isn't Dragon Kaido like towering over a small village and Zoro managed to cover a very large part of his body with his attack ?

Looked bigger tbh
So there are three Worlds Strongest titles - we know for sure that two of the title holders are Conquerors and we know that the future holder of the third title is a Conqueror.

But for some godforsaken reason, the current holder of the third title isn't one? Even though he's a top tier?
That's not the point. I'm saying this chapter doesn't solidify Mihawk as having it just because Zoro has it.

Just because Zoro has something, doesn't mean Mihawk must have it too and vice versa.

It's the same dumb logic when people said Zoro didn't have CoC because Mihawk doesn't.
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