Zoro vs King CoC Clash?!

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Its not same with Koby. With that logic Kyros can see it too.
Again stop capping before either looking it up or doing research. In the episode of luffy where they showed coby as a captain and helmeppo with the new vice admiral they literally showed coby reading the vice admirals mind.

He also did this in marine Ford when he first got it
My guess is Queen makes a comment about Sanji's fire technique again after taking Hell Memories, tying it back to King. Then Sanji asks him what he is and the Queen goes into it.

My guess anyway since early spoilers generally leave out why these guys have these conversations
It’s interesting
Oda continues to bring up this Lunarians subject in front of Sanji, and maybe Sanji would want to learn more about them and if his fire linked to them

I swear if this builds up to nothing
  1. King is Kaido's right hand man, his strongest subordinate and the leader of his All Stars.
  2. King is the only All Star that Kaido brought with him to attack Marineford.

This is utter nonsense, but here you go:

That's because King is himself decently above Post Udon Luffy.
Dude that is nothing compare to what luffy did with don where he hit threw attacks and defence.
Luffy smash part of the island in half https://cdn.readonepiece.com/file/mangap/2/10790000/17.jpeg
Wait why are Sanji and Queen talking about Lunarians?
Is Sanji interested in them ?
Given how Queen is a science fanatic, and one of the best scientist out there, makes sense that he is dropping lore out of nowhere

He is doing that since he transformed in Hybrid form, he was asking for the Raid Suit like crazy to see how it works (and cuz Sanji wasn't doing nothing to him aswell)

Simply seeing an attack from King from a distance just brought it out of him
  1. Officially he still only shares the same rank as Jack or Queen. Granted, he does take over the crew and gives out orders when Kaido ain't around like a true right hand but he also isn't really a vice captain.
  2. I'm pretty sure the only reason for that is that King is the only calamity that can fly with Kaido lol
Akainu and Kuzan shared the same rank and Akainu defeated Kuzan, Mihawk and Buggy share the same Warlord position and ofc Buggy neg diffs him what are you talking about, sharing a rank isn't something to scale with, all SHs share the same rank in the crew as members and obviously Usopp neg diffs all of them 1v9...
It is so funny some Zoro fanboys do not understand the importance of coc splitting heavens. Kaido said only very few people can use advanced coc. And out of those few, fewer can actually create an attack so powerful that it reaches heavens. Luffy canonically is shown to have the attack power on the levels of top tiers.
Don't we know someone who's dream has to do with reaching the heavens?
Luffy is fighting kaido alone and split the skies with him. If you think Zoro & luffy are close RIGHT now you are delusional he is literally getting destroyed by king right now.
Cap since the kaido luffy is fighting right now is the kaido that is weakened through the sheer nonstop fights he been in. His daughter yanato confirms that luffy is currently fighting a nerfed kaido
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