Zoro vs King CoC Clash?!

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Akainu and Kuzan shared the same rank and Akainu defeated Kuzan, Mihawk and Buggy share the same Warlord position and ofc Buggy neg diffs him what are you talking about, sharing a rank isn't something to scale with, all SHs share the same rank in the crew as members and obviously Usopp neg diffs all of them 1v9...
This was never about strength but the relationship between King and Kaido. King wouldn't "just" be a calamity if he was as close too Kaido as Ben is too Shanks or Killer too Kid.

A vice captain is always close to the captain in strength
Again stop capping before either looking it up or doing research. In the episode of luffy where they showed coby as a captain and helmeppo with the new vice admiral they literally showed coby reading the vice admirals mind.

He also did this in marine Ford when he first got it
I aint accepting an argument starts with b-but he did it in a TV special.

In Marineford he sensed other people like the little girl from Skypiea. Not the same thing we are talking about. Which makes sense because he is just opening his CoO. There is no implication that he can read other peoples intents.
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