Zoro vs King CoC Clash?!

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[QUOTE="Ssg super suit coby, post: 2153112, member: 5349"]Again stop being silly. He has to regulate it because enma uses to much of it which literally means he has to use LESS haki. That is a neat because it's literally implying that he can't go all out because enma (when zoro is trying to use little haki) is trying to such all of it out. It nerfed his fighting style hence why up to this point he has not being using his full haki output since:

1. Enma takes to much and he wants to last longer in battle[/QUOTE]

You literally proving my point. If Zoro has to regulate Enma because enma uses TOO MUCH haki that stands to reason that Zoro is using the same amount of haki his typically does the only difference now it Zoro is trying to make sure he doesn't use more because of enma.

It would be redundant to claim he lacks strength if he was being nerfed to begin with.
Now that i realize, there barely are panels of Sanji vs Queen fighting

Sanji is getting beaten everytime, or almost dying, or miserably failing to damage Queen

It's looking just like Zoro against King

That means the real fights didn't even started yet
This was never about strength but the relationship between King and Kaido. King wouldn't "just" be a calamity if he was as close too Kaido as Ben is too Shanks or Killer too Kid.

A vice captain is always close to the captain in strength
Nah that don't really be the case .
In fact it the opposite way around most of the time even if the people are close to each other in relationship .
Sanji and zoro finish queen and king in same chapter double spread. They both end up in front of each other after the attack and their last wano fight start with each other

Gotta be honest, I dont think it's happening and I'm sure Sanji will be fine lol.

I'd rather these fights just last as long as they need to and Oda gives the other strawhats something else to do before they get taken out
I don't think that makes sense as a comparison given that:
  • King has withstood stronger attacks since then.
  • Zoro's Rengoku Oni Giri had minimal impact (it was explicitly said to not have done anything).
I think it does. I think it's reasonable to assume if both were actively defending they could achieve the same result but it all hinges on how Zoro beats King. if Zoro simply beats King because his attack was so strong that king just couldn't defend it then I'd say that would make King comparable to Kaido imo if it's some trick the might explain why he took the attack better than Kaido
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