Zoro vs King CoC Clash?!

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Katakuri uses his awakened power to create a lot of Mochi and limit King's mobility and bring him closer.
Cracker tires him with infinite biscuit army.
When he's tired, Smoothie squeezes him with her ability.
3 commanders win.
Strategy>>>>>>>>>some boring battledome "they duke it out head on until only one survives" scenarios.
The guy with endurance and durability greater than Kaido's will get tired?:seriously:
Yes. Again, I just view adv CoC as a buffed version of Ryou and Oda’s gimmick for Luffy to beat Kaido this arc.

I seriously doubt it will remain that special for long given Oda’s track record with previous power ups (just look at future sight, it’s literally irrelevant now).
Tbh people with it can punch your lungs out of existence so I would expect it to come up in every arc after this. It'll only get more important the longer the journey continues
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