Zoro vs King CoC Clash?!

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See, I trolled Finalbeta so hard, even Lance had to drop the summary
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Ah so Shanks got stronger and Mihawk didn't, I see

ohh wait Shanks is a Hakiman

ohh Shanks and Mihawk didn't use haki when they fought

Yeah but Whitebeard and Kaido deserve their tittle but Mihawk doesn't, I see I see

No CoC. While Advance CoC is the prerequisite to be considered Top tier
Sooner you accept kidd is now luffy pirate club, the better is.
‘Blackbeard is true rival to luffy.
Nah you got it mixed up. Kid is Luffy's true rival while BB is Luffy's no.1 cheerleader. He got Luffy's brother killed to make Luffy stronger. He knew Luffy was gna face Kaido, Doflamingo & Kat so he made sure Luffy was well prepared for the new world. He also tried to killed Luffy's father cos he knew the man was a deadbeat who abandoned Luffy to be a revolutionary.
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