Zoro vs King CoC Clash?!

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King takes this chance to jump at him but suddenly, he stops in front of Zoro doing nothing. Zoro is surprised but he stabs his “Sandai Kitetsu” in King's belly. However, the attack does nothing to King.

King: "You hit the “right spot”."

Zoro: "Ah..."

Suddenly, there's a huge explosion where they are.
Holy molly, even thought hit the right spot, he couldn´t damage him?
A Huge explosion?

Cut to the “Pleasure Hall” in the Leftbrain Tower of the Skull Dome. Queen was hit so hard by Sanji in chapter 1,031 that he went through multiple rooms. Now he just manages to walk back to Sanji.

Queen: "Muhahahaha~~~!!
Did you just talk on the phone with “Pirate Hunter”!?
That guy cannot win against King...!!"

Sanji: "..."

Queen: "King is a survivor from the extinct “Lunaria race”!!
They are the monstrous race that can survive in any condition in nature.
That's why they were called “god” by people in ancient time!!"

Sanji: "How did that kind of race go extinct?"

Queen: "Go and ask the history yourself!!!"

As Queen says this, we see that he opens his mouth to shoot a laser beam at Sanji.
Bro Queen is also a fucking beast, get send thought multiple rooms and coming back for just speaking about Zoro and King, this guy is a monster on his own for speaking randomly like this after a fucking HM...
In same way this monster hype Kings, with tells a lot lol...

Back to outside of Onigashima's castle. Zoro coated himself with Color of Arms Haki just on time, or else he would already be dead. King is in front of him, he's uninjured despite just blowing up himself.

Zoro: "Ittoryu “Iai” (One Sword Style “Sword Draw”).
“Shi Shishi Sonson” (Song of the Death Lion Song)!!!"

Zoro attacks King point-blank again, but does nothing to him. King, without moving from the ground, transforms into a Pteranodon form and grabs the crest of his head again to attack Zoro point-blank with “Tempura Udon”.

Zoro draws his swords to counter King's attack, but Enma loses control and starts absorbing Zoro's Haki again.

Zoro: "Wait a minute!! Enma!!
Just in a moment like this!!!"

King: "“Tempura Udon” (Proud Imperial Marten)!!!"

Zoro cannot dodge it and he's partly hit by King's attack. The attack destroys part of Onigashima Island. Due to the attack, Zoro dropps his 3 swords.
Bro he point blank tanked a fucking Shii Shishi Sonson without any damage!!!
What is this dude??
And then he destroys part of the fucking island, more AP feats?!!

Zoro: "What should I do to stabilize my Haki...!?
If I allow this much Haki to be unleashed, it can end up taking my life."

Suddenly, Beast Pirates' subordinates start foaming from their mouths and fall down.

Zoro: "No...
This is good the way it is!!"

Zoro stands before King. His 3 swords are covered with black lighting and smoke.

King: "I see...
So do you intend to become a “king”?"

Zoro: "Huh?"

Then, Zoro remembers the words Luffy said to him when Zoro agreed to join Luffy's crew.

Luffy: "The world's greatest swordsman, that's great!!
And it's fitting since your new boss is going to be the King of the Pirates!
Anything else would make me look bad!!!"

Zoro answers King with a smile on his mouth and a challenging gaze.

Zoro: "Yeah... I have a promise I made with my captain.
And my best friend!!!"
This is just the best, soon we get insane CoC clash between two monsters.
The way how all was build up this chapter, the lore, the way how Zoro get his swords back, the flashback, the tension, the way how Zoro fight back, King insane explosion feat and Zoro great CoA feat, King insane Ap destroying fucking parts of the island, Zoro CoC...

This is just the best, really I can´t handle the hype right now....
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Bros just enjoy this chapter, it is really insane good alone by the summary...
Swords are “tools for taking lifes”!! Created to kill people!!
Blacksmiths design swords to take as many lives as possible!!"
The sword is scary simply because it's performing its “duty” for it was made for!!
That sword I created when I was young, was the “masterpiece of my life”...
It was a sword that was so serious about doing its “duty”!!
I gave that “famed sword” the name of the King of Underworld!!!"
It's happening :josad: Holy shit :josad:
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